Condominium Hurricane Damage

Condominium Hurricane Damage

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Condominium hurricane damage offers unique challenges that other buildings don’t experience.  Hurricanes cause significant damage and strain insurance company resources drastically. Adding in the fact that condominium’s have Home Owner Association (HOA) and units are owned by individuals, there are multiple parties that work has to be coordinated through. Approvals from individual owners and the HOA can be difficult to coordinate, especially when the owner’s live out-of-state. The scope of work included:

  • Large Loss Equipment
  • Commercial Structural Drying and Stabilization Procedures
  • Reconstruction of damaged units
  • Tenant and HOA coordination and Approvals with over 70 parties
Strategic Condominium Hurricane Damage Structural Dry Out | Hurricane Water Damage | Service Restoration
Condominium | Hurricane Water Damage | Service Restoration

The condominium hurricane damage saw multiples services performed including temporary repairs to prevent further damage from occurring, moisture and structural stabilization, then structural dry out, and finally rebuilding the units to pre-loss condition. Large storm events cause resource strain on insurance companies, take an emotional toll on owners, and confusion with HOAs. Hiring a company with a rapid response is critical to minimize secondary damage.

Loss Event: Water Damage

Source of Loss: Hurricane

Location: North Topsail Beach, NC

Services Performed: Water Damage Dry Out and Reconstruction

Type of Property: Commercial – Condominium

Service Restoration has helped thousands of customers – commercial and residential. From all of those loses, our experience has become unparalleled. Fast response times, friendly staff, and high quality work continues to differentiate our services from our competitors. We will be there when you call and help to minimize secondary damage from spreading.

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