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Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup Services

When your home has become a scene of a tragic accident, it may be challenging to make decisions and understand what needs to be done next. Service Restoration wants to and can help you. Our compassionate team of trained crime scene cleanup specialists will arrive at the scene of the crime and begin the cleanup process within 60-minutes after your call.

Hiring a professional trauma cleanup team is essential to your home and health. We provide a wide range of cleaning services to help your home return to normalcy as much as possible. Our experts will use industry-leading products and methods to evaluate and remediate the damage thoroughly.

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Service Restoration helps with 24/7 emergency crime victim services of all types for homeowners and business owners.

Service Restoration handles many different types of crime victim cleanup services. We do crime scene and accident scene cleanup, of course, and we also handle cleanups after natural deaths. Additionally, we can  help if you are a property owner who has found one or more animal carcasses on your property. Service Restoration will remove all traces of blood and other biological hazards. We guarantee that our cleanup will be thorough and that when we are done, your property will be safe, presentable, and usable once more. We have a lot of experience handling the unique issues that arise in such circumstances.

Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup Services

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Complete Crime and Trauma scene Cleaning Services

Safely cleaning up a crime scene is essential to you and your family’s health and should be left in the hands of certified technicians from Service Restoration. If you accidentally contact bodily fluids left behind on an accident scene, it can cause detrimental health effects due to unseen viruses and bacteria. Our priority is to keep you and your family safe by offering our crime and trauma scene cleanup services for any incident.

Trauma scene cleanup is typically required for the following events:

  • Unexpected death
  • Murder/Homicide
  • Attacks/Assault
  • Suicide
  • Vandalism
  • Tear Gas Residue

There are many sub-segments that can be used to identify non-blood-borne organics, toxic chemicals (e.g. tear gas), or disease vectors. Trauma cleaners can legally charge a mitigation fee for potentially hazardous biohazard situations, which distinguishes a registered crime or trauma practitioner from a general, restoration, carpet cleaning or janitorial cleaner.

Crime Scene Cleanup

Our team of technicians will decontaminate and get rid of any tissue, bodily fluid, and blood that may have been shed after a serious crime.

Trauma Cleanup

We have trained technicians who are capable of cleaning blood spills effectively. We adhere to all the rules and regulations when cleaning the affected areas.

Biohazard Remediation

Our team of specialists is trained to clean up after death or any trauma incident where body fluid, such as blood, was secreted. We are available 24/7.

All Insurance accepted

If you’re wondering what your insurance policy may cover, reach out to an agent to determine if crime scene cleanup is part of your coverage. Our team will work with your insurance company and bill them directly when the service is completed.  We are happy to work with all local and national insurance companies. Service Restoration is an IICRC certified firm.

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Health Risks Associated with Crime Scene Cleaning

There are several health risks associated with crime scene cleaning, and you should never attempt to clean the scene. Even if your loved one appeared to be healthy, their bodily fluids might be contaminated. After first responders, investigators, and public officials leave your property, our team will arrive to begin the cleaning process.

We follow safety protocols and have tools and technology to prevent our professionals from exposure and keep you and your family safe long after the cleanup process is completed. We’ll use professional-grade cleaners and technology that clean and disinfect your home, ensuring no contamination is left behind.

Why You Need a Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company

Not only is it essential for your safety to hire a certified technician from Service Restoration. When you reach out to a professional, we’ll ensure your home is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. We use cleaners that are stronger than typical household cleaning products and will ensure your home is free of odor-causing contaminants that may cause more harm to your property.

The Cost of Crime Scene Cleanup

Every situation is different, and the cost of trauma cleanup depends on your circumstances. We take into consideration several factors that will determine the overall rate that we bill you or your insurance company; this includes:
  • Size of the Scene: Are contaminants in one room or throughout the entire home? A small room costs less to clean than a whole house.
  • Length of Time: How long were these fluids in the home? The longer they sit, the more work required to ensure safe biohazard cleanup.
  • Amount of Reconstruction Do we need to replace a single door or an entire wall? The amount of necessary reconstruction after cleaning will determine the final cost of the cleanup process.

How Our Crime Scene Cleaners Work

We understand that every crime scene and circumstances are different, and we modify the protocols we have in place to provide optimal crime scene cleanup services. However, when we clean up your property, we follow these steps to ensure every inch of your property is clean and safe.

  1. When we arrive at your home, we’ll take a look at the damage and provide a detailed, no-obligation estimate for our trauma cleanup services.
  2. We’ll set up a perimeter and follow specific safety protocols to avoid cross-contamination and keep our team and your family protected from potential illness.
  3. We’ll remove odors and kill pathogens with a deep cleaning that uses industry-leading products and effective cleaning methods.
  4. Lastly, we’ll begin reconstructing and replace damaged property to bring it back to normal conditions.

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