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Flooded Bank Water Damage Cleanup

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Service Restoration received a call stating that a 4-inch sprinkler supply line had burst in an office building and flooded the entire building. Our rapid response team arrive early morning to assess and begin the clean up and restoration process. When sprinkler lines burst, they often cause a lot of damage due to the amount of water they must provide in order to stop a fire inside the building. 

  • Large Loss Equipment – Desiccants, Temporary insulation
  • Commercial Structural Drying and Stabilization Procedures
  • Content cleaning and restoration
  • Minimized disruption when possible to allow business to resume operations
Flooded Offices Drying | Drain Backup Office Building |Bank Sprinkler Line Burst | Frozen Sprinkler Supply Line | Service Restoration
Flooded ceiling collapsed Cleanup | Professional Water Extraction Services | Service Restoration
Large Loss Equipment for Commercial Water Extraction | Flooded Lobby Dry Out | bathroom flooded office building | Service Restoration
Flooded Offices in Bank | Disaster Restoration Services | Service Restoration
Broken Sprinkler Line Flooded Bank and Offices | Frozen Sprinkler Line expanded and flooded building | toilet flooded offices | Service Restoration

The bank experienced significant damage that required multiple services – extraction, structural drying with large loss equipment, and contents restoration. Due to bank’s having high security protocols, the utmost care and sensitivity was required to successfully complete our services. Proper documentation allowed for the bank, Service Restoration, and the insurance carrier to clearly communicate the work performed and services required.

Loss Event: Water Damage

Source of Loss: Frozen Sprinkler Line

Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Services Performed: Water Damage Extraction, Water Damage Dry Out and Contents Cleaning & Restoration

Type of Property: Commercial – Bank

Service Restoration has helped thousands of customers – commercial and residential. From all of those loses, our experience has become unparalleled. Fast response times, friendly staff, and high quality work continues to differentiate our services from our competitors. We will be there when you call and help to minimize secondary damage from spreading.

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