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fire damage restoration minneapolis

fire damage restoration minneapolis

Service Restoration is the number one choice for fire restoration in your surrounding area. We know the destruction caused by a fire is devastating.A fire can quickly gut your home or business, leaving a path of ruin in its path. Our team is available to help you during this tough time.

We are certified, insured, and licensed as fire restoration contractors in the Minnesota area.

Our team is IICRC certified which means we have on-going training in all types of fire restoration equipment, diagnostics, and methods.

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Fire Damage Cleanup Services


 Our number one goal is to ensure your home or business is returned to its pre-loss condition.We will strive to make your property look like it did before the fire and water damage.

From repairing walls, flooring, and painting, we do it all.Our team is built on values and with our dedication, we will return your property back to its original state.

We offer the best rates in the area and our professionals will help with all insurance claims.

Service Restoration offers your surrounding areas a wide range of fire damage services.From water damage restoration that comes from the fire, to basic sewage cleanup we do it all.

 We have helped hundreds of families recover from fire and we can help you as well if you suffer a fire in your home!

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    Other Restoration Services We Offer

    Water Damage

    fire damage restoration minneapolis

    Fire Damage



    Storm Damage

    The Fire Restoration Process



     Fire damage causes a lot of issues for a home or business. Luckily Service Restoration is on-call 24/7.The first thing our restoration experts do, is an inspection to assess all damages.Once finished, we will board up the area that we are restoring.

    This prevents damage from weather as well as deters looters from accessing the home or business.Next, we will begin water removal. The faster water is removed the better chances of saving your belongings.

    Once completed our team will being to clean the area and remove smoke and ash.This sounds simple, but this is an important process that takes time. Smoke and ash gets into places you may not even see.


     It is important that the area is completely free from smoke and ash, these cause toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health. Our team also takes care of all debris removal from the fire site.

    We follow all environmental laws and will safely remove items. Once this is complete we will use our special deodorization formula.This helps to clean your items and return in to its original smoke free state. area.


    Handling Fire Damage Restoration Claims

    We know that dealing with insurance claims can be stressful and confusing. That’s why service restoration does a comprehensive assessment of your property before filing and repairing.

    This ensures we get all relevant information for your insurance claim.After our inspection, we give you all docs needed to move your claim forward.

    We realize getting your home fixed as quickly as possible is on the top of your list.Thats’ why we move quickly to ensure no further damage to your home occurs.

    We are Fully Insured and Licensed Contractors


     Service Restoration is a licensed General Contractor and well experienced restoration firm.With well over 20 years experience in the industry, we are capable of handling any emergency disaster situation in your area.

    Service restoration are pros at handling all restoration and construction services, all under one roof.Saving you time and peace of mind while trying to find all the pros to service your restoration needs.

    We have helped hundreds of commercial and residential properties in the restoration and construction needed for their disaster situations.We know how  busy everyone is in today’s world. That’s  we strive to make your life easier,  by having multiple companies under one roof,  to get the job done.

    fire damage restoration minneapol

    Direct Billing



    We Accept all Major Credit Cards

    We Accept all Major Credit Cards


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