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It is common for homeowners to ask the question on whether they will be compensated for a flood that has occurred in their basement because of a sump pump failure. Sump pump failure can be covered if you purchase this coverage as an add-on (rider) to your homeowners insurance, as this is typically not considered part of a standard insurance policy. The standard homeownerinsurance does not include coverage for damages caused by flood as a result ofa sump pump that is not working properly.

Protect Your Home From Flood

The sump pump coverage is usually in the form of a rider or endorsement on your homeowner insurance. Purchasing the sump pump endorsement coverage entitles you to receive compensation flood water damage that happen due to sump pump failure.

It is not expensive at all to purchase the sump pump coverage and this coverage usually can provide a compensation of up to $10,000. The compensation can be used to fix anything that needs repair such as plumbing and drains. You can also use the compensation to clean up the water in your home. You can claim compensation as long as your sump pump stops working and your basement is flooded.

Before the insurance company will reimburse the compensation, they will send someone to inspect your sump pump. Your claim must be backed with proof otherwise you won’t be able to claim the compensation. The insurance company can deny the claim if the sump pump stops working happens because you fail to carry out maintenance. You may get fined with a surcharge if the sump pump stops working because of a water backup.

The sump pump is most likely to become damaged during the spring season when a large amount of snow melts. It can also happen when it keeps raining heavily. Getting sump pump coverage is important because it will protect your valuable contents and other structural system in the basement from thousands of dollars of damages.

If you are not sure how much coverage to purchase, you should seek help from an insurance agent. The insurance agent can help you to perform assessment on the exposures of your possessions and provide recommendation on how much coverage you need to purchase.

The sump pump coverage can vary across several insurance companiesso it is important to perform comparison before purchasing it. Some insurancecompanies do not provide coverage for certain types of water damages forexample rain storm or hurricane. Therefore, it is important that you talk to aninsurance agent to make sure that the policy offers the type of water damagecoverage you need.


To protect your home from flood, it is best that you have a back up sump pump and a sump pump system in place. In this way, if the main sump pump fails to work, the backup sump pump can become handy to you in removing the flood waters from the basement.
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