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Water is a severe issue that can lead to significant damage to your home. Whether it’s your valuable personal belongings or your entire structure, you need a professional who can handle all your water restoration needs in Gastonia, NC. Here at Service Restoration, we understand why it’s important to provide thorough water removal and prevent further damage to your property.

Service Restoration provides 24/7 emergency services to clean up and restore all types of water damage disasters for homeowners and business owners.

We offer 24/7 disaster services to address your water damage as soon as it happens. Our IICRC certified professionals use high-quality equipment that speeds up the process, allowing you to quickly get back into your home.

We Work Directly with Your Insurance

Service Restoration is happy to work with all insurance companies in Gastonia, including AAA, Allstate, State Farm, Chubb, Nationwide, Farmers, USAA, and more, to ensure the recovery process is as painless as possible. No matter who your insurance company is, we’ll help you receive full coverage on all your water damage.

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Types of Water Restoration Services

Before starting the water cleanup process, our team will determine which category your water damage fits into depending on whether it’s contaminated or not. From there, our professionals will determine which class fits best. This can mean anything from minimal damage caused by an overflowing toilet to severe damage from stormwater flooding or sewage backup.

There are three categories of water damage:

Category One: Known as clean water damage. It’s typically caused by a clean water source such as burst pipes or overflowing sinks.

Category Two: This category is referred to as greywater damage. Often the cause of this is sump pump backups or toilet water. This may be harmful to humans if they come into contact with it.

Category Three: This is the most extreme and referred to as black water damage. This water must be removed promptly and can cause major health risks.

Due to the danger, water damage can have on your health, it’s crucial to call Service Restoration to determine the type of water restoration services you need.

We’ll Help You Get Damaged Covered

Our specialists know how to work with your home insurance company to get your water damage covered. From filing your claim to billing your insurance company, our technicians know how to communicate with insurance adjusters to pay for your damage. But first, it’s important to determine what your policy covers.

Most insurance policies only cover water damage from sudden accidents and not from storms and flooding. We’ll get in touch with your local agent to determine exactly what your policy can do for you.

Why Choose Service Restoration Gastonia

If you require water damage restoration services in Gastonia North Carolina and surrounding areas, we can help. can help. Our professionals can be on-site for emergency situations, floods, and mold remediation.

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What Determines the Cost of Water Damage Restoration?

Here’s how the cost of your water damage restoration will be determined.
  • Source of Water: It is more expensive to clean up a sewage backup than cleaning water from a supply line.
  • Amount of Water: More water normally means more damage and higher repair costs.
  • Size of Area: It is more expensive to repair several rooms than just one.
  • Length of Time: Water creates more damage the longer it sits, which increases restoration costs.
  • If There is Mold: Since water produces mold, it will lead to higher restoration costs.
  • Amount of Reconstruction: The amount of reconstruction and the materials required will also impact costs as well.

5 Steps to the Restoration Process:

Once our certified technicians manage the first three phases of the water restoration process, it’s time to complete the task. Every situation is different, and our professionals will talk you through every step of the process and the extent of your water damage.
  1. Water Removal: To reduce the risk of mold and further damage to your home, our specialists will start by removing the water.
  2. Removal and Disposal: From carpeting and walls to your personal belongings, the next step is to remove any damaged materials.
  3. Dry Out: After removing the damage, thoroughly drying your home is essential. This step takes about 12 to 72 hours by using high volume fans and structural drying dehumidifiers throughout your home.
  4. Disinfect and Deodorize: This step is important to prevent mold and unwanted smells to develop over time. Our technicians will dry, clean, and disinfect every damaged surface in your home.
  5. Reconstruction: After the water cleanup has been completed, we will reconstruct your home. Typically, reinstalling cabinets, carpet, and walls.

Why Hire a Restoration Company in Gastonia, North Carolina.

Our professional water restoration company will help you get the results you deserve. When you work with our certified technicians, we make the restoration process simple by using innovative tools and technology and trained staff to thoroughly remove water from your home. We also offer emergency water damage services and will arrive at your home within 30 minutes of calling.

Serving Gastonia, NC and Surrounding Areas

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Although our office is located in Gastonia, we are conveniently positioned for quick freeway access to reach the surrounding areas listed below for Commercial and Residential properties. Quick response times allow Service Restoration to help minimize the extent of the damage and stop the damage from spreading.

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Fire Damage Restoration Service

If your home has been affected by fire, it is important to use a professional fire damage restoration service as soon as possible. We utilize the best restoration techniques in cleaning your possessions to guarantee you recover most of them. We provide the best Fire Damage Restoration Service in Gastonia.

To minimize the damage and save on repair costs, get in touch with Service Restoration of Gastonia NC today!

Benefits of Our Professional Restoration Service​

If your house or office has been damaged by a flood, hiring a professional water damage repair company is the best option to get rid of any remaining water quickly, or determine the source of the water if you haven’t been able to do so.

At Service Restoration Gastonia, NC, we can help you dry out the area and perform a repair process to prevent mold growth. By hiring experts, you can diminish the overall losses that come with any damages and have a reliable source to test for mold spores. In case there’s already mold on your property, you can hire the same service for mold remediation to ensure that any dangerous bacteria or mold spores are removed quickly and thoroughly.

Our trained and licensed specialists are there to help you document any losses you have faced so that down the line, you can get a fair settlement from your homeowners’ insurance company, or you can provide evidence if you have to dispute a claim that was denied by your insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. There are several determining factors to whether a flooded house can be salvaged. The level of the damage is the immediate prerequisite. Most houses that are flooded can be easily salvaged. Flood damage restoration can be done if the amount of water and the damage to the structures of the house is not much. On the contrary, if the damage is too much to the structure, then the house may not be salvageable. Getting an assessment from a professional flood damage restoration company in Gastonia, NC, will help you determine what is needed. Service Restoration is a premium, licensed, and certified flood damage Restoration Company in the city that will help you deal with flood damage. We do our level best to ensure that your home is salvaged.

Several things can cause water damage. They vary from natural disasters to faults in the plumbing system. Natural disasters that can cause water damage include thunderstorms, hurricanes, and heavy rains. Those who live near water bodies are most affected by natural disasters as the water bodies can overflow causing flooding and the water will make its way into homes or businesses. Faults such as a pipe bursting or a poor drainage system can also lead to water damage. Water damage is bad as it also leads to other forms of damage. Mold is one of the most common causes of water damage. Whenever faced with water damage, it is vital to get restoration from a professional company in Gastonia, NC such as Service Restoration immediately. Water damage restoration will help prevent other problems.

Yes – a standard homeowners insurance will be able to cover your water damage. However, this also depends on the company that you are working with. Even so, most homeowners insurance companies cover water damage. The insurance companies usually cover natural failures. Occurrences such as a burst pipe or water damage from an unknown leak can be covered. Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover any water damage that comes from lack of attendance to a problem that becomes a bigger problem. If you failed to repair your pipes in time and they burst, you are not likely to be covered for water damage. Homeowners insurance also doesn’t cover flood damage. Those looking for flood damage coverage can purchase it from the National Flood Insurance Program. Service Restoration works directly with insurance companies for smooth operations.

The time that a carpet takes to dry depends on the type of carpet and pad you have. Most people have their carpets over a pad and both need to dry completely for the best results. Service Restoration is the team that will get your carpet dried as fast as possible in Gastonia, NC. The type of carpet you have will determine how long it takes. We usually take out the carpet and dry all the areas that the carpet is usually placed. We also do this to determine whether there are other harmful components on the carpet to determine whether it needs to be replaced. Some carpets grow mold a short time after water damage. We use professional tools to dry the carpet and the pad and it won’t take much time for it to completely dry after all is in order.

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Getting Started on the Water Restoration Process

We set our water restoration and water damage cleanup into three different phases. These include:

1. Contacting Our Office
We’re available 24/7 to take your call. One of our certified technicians will personally reach out to you and promptly arrive at your home to begin phase two of the water restoration process.
2. Introduction, Inspection, and Walk-Through
Once we arrive at your home or office, we will inspect your damaged areas. We will search for standing water and moisture damage, then make a plan to mitigate the problem at its source. Our technicians will explain how we plan to get your property back to its pre-loss condition.
3. Set-Up, Cleanup, and Begin Restoration
Service Restoration makes it our priority to restore your property without leaving any damage behind. We use the most innovative technology and up-to-date procedures to alleviate the issue and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

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Whenever you need water restoration, Service Restoration is the go-to team. We have a professional team with all the tools to restore your home and business to their glory. With over 20-years of experience, you are guaranteed the best results. Call us today at (704) 312-9470 for emergency water restoration services.

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