Going on Vacation? Prepare your Property

Going on Vacation? Prepare Your Property

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Going on vacation? Prepare your property with the list below of checklist items below.  Preventative actions you can take to help remove the worry about leaving your property. Certainly, the last thing you want to come home to after a vacation is a flooded basement or frozen pipes.

  1. Lock all doors and windows before leaving. For example, check that spare bedroom that you rarely use to make sure the windows are locked.
  2. Unplug all appliances to prevent a fire hazard. Space heaters and extension cords are some of the leading causes of fires. Do you have extra items that you can unplug?
  3. Turn off the water supply and drain all pipes to avoid leaks or flooding. Seldom do property owners do this task because it is out of site and out of mind. At the very minimum, we recommend that you clearly mark your emergency water shut-off valve. Also, if you have someone stopping by your home or building, let them know where this is located.
  4. Turn off gas appliances to prevent any gas leaks. An ignored gas leak can cause an explosion. Property owners usually notice if there is a gas leak in their property, but turning off gas fireplace valves, stove valves, and outdoor grill valves can help eliminate the risk.
  5. Set the thermostat to a temperature that will help conserve energy, but not so low that pipes freeze or so high that it causes unnecessary energy use. If you’re a landlord, we recommend sending a reminder to your tenants to set a minimum temperature during colder months.
  6. Inform a trusted neighbor, friend or relative of your travel plans and ask them to keep an eye on your home. Service Restoration has received many calls from the temporary caretaker because of water and fire damage. While authorized decision maker approval is needed, we can send the contracts virtually. If the work can start on day 2 versus day 5, there will be far less damage! Last year, some property owners came home from vacation and experienced water damage due to torrential rain – we explained on WCCO – CBS.
  7. Leave some lights on or install motion sensor lights to deter potential burglars. Furthermore, properties vacant due to renovations should take this precaution.
  8. Arrange for someone to maintain your lawn or garden while you are away. If it’s raining, make sure water isn’t pooling up near the foundation.
  9. Secure any valuable items in a safe or another secure location.
  10. Consider installing a home security system or cameras for added protection. The home security industry has become far more affordable . Additionally, some products even notify the necessary departments of water and fire issues!


What should you do if you discover water damage in a property?

First, stop the source. If it’s a broken pipe or toilet, turn off the main water. Next, call the property owner and notify them of the situation. Then, get approval from the property owner to call Service Restoration – we can send contracts, documentation, and photos virtually. Lastly, take a deep breath, you’re in good hands.

In summary, this checklist can help ensure that your home is safe and secure while you are away on vacation. As the old saying goes, the best defense is a good offense. Therefore, taking preventative action can eliminate future burden. Finally, if an issue does arise, Service Restoration offers service 24/7. To sum up – Going on Vacation? Prepare your Property.

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