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Excess water in your home can cause harmful mold, unwanted smells, and potentially dangerous toxins if not addressed right away. Additionally, you may be looking at costly water damage repairs if not in the hands of the best professionals. Service Restoration helps homeowners facing water damage in Little Rock, AR, receive fast, efficient, and affordable water mitigation services when they need it most.

Service Restoration provides 24/7 emergency services to clean up and restore all types of water damage disasters for homeowners and business owners.

Our team offers 24/7 water cleanup and will provide a wide range of repairs that meet your needs. When you call the certified technicians at Service Restoration, you can have peace of mind knowing your water extraction is in the hands of qualified experts.

We Work Directly with Your Insurance

Most home insurance companies offer policies that only cover water damage associated with sudden accidents. If a major storm causes your flooding, you may not be covered. Our experts will follow up with your insurance provider and claims adjusters to determine your coverage and discuss costs. From filing the claim to directly billing your insurance company, our professionals are here for you every step of the way.

We Work with All Insurance Companies

No matter who your home insurance policy is through, we’ll be happy to help you. We work with all insurance carriers, including:

  • Allstate
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • Liberty Mutual
  • USAA
  • Farmers Insurance Group

Our experts have the knowledge to speak with your insurance agent from these companies to get your water damaged covered.

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Service Restoration is a IICRC Certified Firm with
Technicians Certified by the IICRC with a Triple Master Designation

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Service Restoration Inc Little Rock is here to help with your damage restoration emergency.

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Effective Water Damage Cleanup

There are several parts of your home that can be damaged by water, and we’re ready to help you. We offer 30-minute response times and provide thorough and effective water cleanup services. From plumbing leaks to burst pipes, our qualified experts provide a variety of cleanup and repair services, including:

  1. Sheet Rock Replacement
  2. Baseboard Replacement
  3. Flooring Installations
  4. Roof & Ceiling Repairs
  5. Plumbing Repairs
  6. Structural Repairs
  7. Carpet Installation
Little Rock's Top-Quality Water Damage Team

We have been offering emergency water damage restoration in Little Rock, AR for the past 20 years; this has allowed us to gain the experience required to handle any kind of water damage related emergency. We have a highly trained staff, and the tools to deal with water damage at any scale. Whether you have suffered a full-scale natural disaster flooding event or a broken pipe our quick response field units will be on hand within the hour to deal with your needs in an efficient and professional manner.

Why Choose Service Restoration Bloomington

There are many reasons why Service Restoration stands out from the rest. With our innovative tools and technology, certified technicians, and immediate assistance, there’s no better choice for all your water damage needs in Little Rock, AR.

From fire to water restoration, our team is prepared for any emergency. For immediate assistance, call the team at Service Restoration today.

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IICRC – Institute of Inspection, TheCleanTrustCertified

GRP – Green Risk Professional Certificate #0000

RIA – Restoration Industry Association – Certified Restorer

CRA – Cleaning & Restoration Association

IAQA – Indoor Air Quality Association

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Xactimate 28 Certified Level 2

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What Determines the Cost of Water Damage Restoration?

There are six factors to consider when the experts at Service Restoration determine our water restoration services’ cost.
  • Source of Water: It costs more to clean up a sewage backup than water from a supply line.
  • Amount of Water: More water means further damage and higher restoration costs.
  • Size of Area: It is more expensive to repair several rooms than just one.
  • Length of Time: Water causes more damage the longer it sits, which drives up restoration costs.
  • If There is Mold: Water causes mold, which costs more in the restoration process.
  • Amount of Reconstruction: The amount of reconstruction and materials involved will increase, too.

Steps to Complete the Water Damage Restoration Process

Once we complete the first three phases, we’ll move on to the restoration process. Our certified experts will go over every detail of the process to ensure we fulfill every step as accurately as possible. Here at Service Restoration, we follow five steps to ensure complete restoration and bringing your home back to its pre-loss condition.
  1. Water Removal: Our team will remove water from your home, preventing the risk of mold and further damage to your structure.
  2. Removal & Disposal: Next, they remove and throw away damaged items. Removal includes anything from damaged carpeting and walls to personal items.
  3. Dry Out: Our team uses top-of-the-line high volume fans and structural dehumidifiers to dry out your home. This process takes anywhere between 12 to 72 hours.
  4. Disinfect and Deodorize: This step will clean your home by disinfecting and deodorizing damaged areas. This prevents mold and unwanted smells from building up over time.
  5. Reconstruction: Lastly, we will rebuild your home. We’ll install everything from new cabinets and carpentry to drywall and more to bring your home back to pre-loss condition.

Why Hire a Restoration Company in Little Rok, AR

When you hire Service Restoration, you know your home is in good hands with our certified professionals and innovative technology. Our team provides 30-minute response times and makes getting fire and water restoration fast and straightforward. We’re also available for emergency services. Give us a call for your free estimate!

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Little Rock is the capital and largest city of Arkansas and is located in the center of the state in Pulaski County. Little Rock has a metropolitan area population of 877,091 residents in the Greater Little Rock Metropolitan area according to the 2010 US Census.


Service Restoration is a professional water damage restoration company that serves the whole Little Rock area. 


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Water Damage Cleanup in Little Rock

Water damage cleanup is a process to ensure that your home or business remains clean and safe after flooding stormwater or a leaking pipe. Service Restoration is the best company in Little Rock, AR. Despite the type of water damage, we do thorough work. However, we avoid any health risks caused by contaminated water by wearing the right gear during service delivery.

The Damage Cleanup & Restoration Process

The restoration process strongly depends on the property that’s damaged, the extent, and the cause of the damage. However, our team generally follows three significant steps to ensure your water mitigation is completed accurately.

  1. Get in Touch: A qualified technician will receive your call and arrive at your home within 30 minutes. We also offer 24/7 services and are available to schedule an appointment when it’s most convenient for you.
  2. Introduction, Inspection, and Restoration Walk-Through One of our certified technicians will walk through your property and identify any water damage and the source of the damage. From there, we will explain in great detail our plan to tackle the problem before it worsens.
  3. Cleaning & Restoration: We make it our leading priority to restore your property correctly from start to finish. We use innovative tools and technology to dry, disinfect, and rebuild your home to pre-loss conditions.

Let Our Certified Technicians Help You

When you’re in the face of disaster, you want a team of qualified professionals to bring your home back to its pre-loss conditions. Here at Service Restoration, our technicians are certified by the IIRC with a Triple Master Designation, ensuring you get the most out of our fire and water damage restoration services. Here is a shortlist of some of the honorable certifications our team has earned:

  • Carpet Repairs & Reinstallation
  • Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Journeyman Textile Cleaning

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At Service Restoration of Little Roc, we have been serving Arkansas residents since 1997. We have a team of well-trained and experienced technicians who are ready to help you whenever you need them. Get in touch with us, 24/7, 365 days a year, even on holidays, if you confront a disaster in your home or business property. Our well-trained, polite, and understanding phone staff are on hand ready to take you to call any time of the day or night when you call; (501) 381-5440.