New Appliance Installation – Do’s & Don’ts

New Appliance Installation - Do's & Don'ts

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade or it’s out of necessity of a failed appliance, new appliance installation time can be exciting. Read along to learn about common issues that you can avoid!

Before you order

  • Measure the width, depth, and height of each space where an appliance will go.
  • Write down any restrictions to the measurements.
    • A wall may block a refrigerator door from opening
    • A cabinet knob may impede a range from opening
    • Counter height may differ and affect what size unit you may install
  • Understand how your appliance will be powered
    • Laundry appliances, stoves, water heaters, and ranges may be powered by gas or electricity
  • Anticipate any future cabinet layout or design changes.
    • Will the appliance color still work if you decide to paint the cabinets?
    • Will the appliances fit if you change the cabinet layout?

The "Do's" of New Appliance Installation

  • Document your property of any scratches or dings in walls and floors with pictures
  • Make sure floor protection is used to avoid damaging your floors
  • Ensure all connections are properly hooked up
    • Test the refrigerator water line while home
    • Test the dishwasher water supply while home
    • Make sure all appliances power up
    • Make sure you don’t smell a gas leak if using gas appliances
  • Do install moisture detection alarms – it’s a great time to do so

The "Don'ts" of New Appliance Installation

  • Don’t assume installers will protect your home like it’s their own
    • Don’t be afraid to ask them to lay down protection
  • Don’t assume they will make all appliance connections flawlessly without testing to ensure they are properly working
    • You just got your appliances, you shouldn’t have to wait for their next availability to remedy the issue!
  • Don’t ignore the “Do” checklist, it will be frustrating to return improper fitting appliances
  • Don’t wait to call Service Restoration if an improperly installed water line has caused water damage
  • Don’t wait to call Service Restoration if an appliance has caused a fire
New Appliance Checklist - failed water line caused water damage

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