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No matter what kind of business you run, you run it from an office.  Whether it’s a little tiny suite in a rehabbed old office building, or a 2-story building, or a beautiful new high rise, a business needs a place to do business.  Bills need to be paid, invoices need to be generated, salespeople need a place to report to, service technicians need a place to turn in their work.

No business can stay in business without all the administrative work that goes on in business offices.  When your office building is damaged, you can’t do your business.  Employees can’t work without a roof over their heads, they can’t do billing when water is dripping on their computers, and they can’t process payroll if their workplace is full of toxic fumes.

Types of Buildings

Perhaps your office building is just a small 2-room free-standing structure for you and your sales manager.  We can restore that.  Perhaps your office building is three stories high and contains 50 employees.  We can restore that.  Even if your office building is a 20-story high-rise with hundreds of employees, we can restore that. Service Restoration will restore any office structure, whatever its size, to its original condition, no matter what happened to it.

All Insurance accepted

When your business is faced with commercial water damage, you don’t want an added expense. Some insurance policies may cover damage associated with an accident. Our team will work closely with your insurance company or claims adjusters to determine your policy coverage. We’ll even bill your insurance company directly.

Services Provided

When something happens to your office building, Service Restoration will be by your side as you navigate through the disaster.  When you call us, you can expect a technician to be on-site within 60 minutes or less. 

We will only send someone who is familiar with the kind of clean-up job you need.  We have specialized technicians who handle biohazards or water damages or fire damages.  You can feel confident that the technician who comes to your office building is experienced in the kind of clean-up you need.

The first thing your technician will do is assess the situation.  Then he will prepare a detailed estimate and go over it with you so that you understand everything that needs to be done. 

If there has been a flood, there will be water damage.  If there has been a fire there will also be water damage left behind by the firefighters.

The second task is to get rid of the water in your office building.  This may involve heavy-duty pumping equipment and industrial blowers. The blowers will need to remain in place until the office is dry to avoid mold later.  After that, Service Restoration will leave behind dehumidifiers to continue pulling water out of the air for as long as it takes.

When all traces of water are removed, any debris will need to be removed.  Also, any building materials that are porous will have to be removed since they will have soaked up water.  Even though you can’t see it, drywall will soak up water several inches above the flood line and will need to be removed. Wooden wall studs will also soak up water and need to be removed.

Whatever kind of damage you suffer to your office building, Service Restoration can restore your building.

What Is the Cleanup and Repair Process?

Although restoration varies by situation, the basic clean up steps are the same regardless of the damage. After assessing the damage, your restoration specialist will explain the exact cleanup process for your building or facility.

Assess the Damage

Inspect the damage and provide a detailed estimate for cleanup and repairs.

Dispose of Damaged Materials

Cleanup and dispose of damaged materials or debris.

Disinfect and Deodorize

Disinfect and deodorize the area to ensure it is safe.

Secure the Property

If necessary, tarp and board up the damage to keep your property safe.

Dry the Area

For cases involving water and mold, dry the area thoroughly.

Rebuild and Restore

Finally, rebuild your church and restore it to its original condition.

Remove Water

Remove standing water or sewage from the property.

Clean and Remove Contaminants

For fire and biohazard situations, clean and safely remove contaminants.

Why Hire a Service Restoration Cleanup Company?

While the exact cleanup process will depend on the exact type of damage, most repairs follow these same basic steps. In the event cleanup will differ from these steps, your restoration technician will let you know.

Also, we provide a 30-minute rapid response to limit property damage and keep the cost of restoration down.

We offer 24-hour emergency response to limit damage and reduce the impact on your church or religious organization.

Our restoration professionals will assess the damage and provide a free, no-obligation estimate for all church damage cleanup services.

Our restoration technicians are licensed and insured to protect your parishioners and religious officials during restoration.

AALastly, we accept all insurance companies and can even work with them directly to make your life easier.

Our contractors also use professional-grade equipment and advanced techniques to clean up and restore all types of church damage.

Reviews From Satisfied Service Restoration Customers

I highly recommend Service Restoration for store board-ups. When I had a break in they were the only company in the area with open availability in my time frame. They showed up exactly when they said they would, and did not leave until I was 100% satisfied, no exceptions. If your business is plagued by break-ins you should call them!

We had a water damage issue in our store. The company was very responsive and helpful. They came out the same day and resolved the problem. I will definitely use them again should we have a similar issue.

I was so happy to have found a company that could restore my water damaged floors. My office flooded and I had no idea how to handle this situation. I did not know who to call or how to get started. The Service Restoration team was able to get me scheduled and get the process started quickly. They did a great job with cleanup and restoration. I am so happy with the results.

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