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Water is a severe issue that can lead to significant damage to your home. Whether it’s your valuable personal belongings or your entire structure, you need a professional who can handle all your water restoration needs in Rochester, MN. Here at Service Restoration, we understand why it’s essential to provide thorough water removal and prevent further damage to your property.

Service Restoration provides 24/7 emergency services to clean up and restore all types of water damage disasters for homeowners and business owners.

We offer 24/7 disaster services to address your water damage as soon as it happens. Our IICRC certified professionals use high-quality equipment that speeds up the process, allowing you to quickly get back into your home.

We Work Directly with Your Insurance

We understand how complicated the insurance process can be when you’re trying to get your water damage covered, which is why our technicians will help you. We offer assistance working with most insurance companies and claims adjusters. We’ll even help you file the claim and bill your insurance company directly.

It’s crucial to find out what your policy covers. Some insurance companies only protect against water damage associated with sudden accidents, not flooding caused by dangerous storms. If you need help finding out your policy coverage, our professionals will be happy to help you.

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Service Restoration Inc Rochester is here to help with your damage restoration emergency.

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Our Water Cleanup Services:

Whether it’s plumbing leaks, storm flooding, or overflowing sinks, or toilets, we’re ready to help you. With our 30-minute response times and innovative technology and services, you’ll receive the fast and convenient water mitigation services you need. We provide a wide range of services and work with local contractors and plumbers to get your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Our Water Cleanup Services:

• Plumbing Leaks
• Frozen or Burst Water Pipes
• Heavy Rain and Severe Storms
• Overflowing Bathtubs, Toilets, or Sinks
• Sewage Backups or Septic Tank Malfunctions
• Dishwasher or Washing Machine Overflows
• Sump Pump Failures or Backups
• Leaking Roofs or Windows

How to Clean Up Water Damage

After calling for emergency services, you should do a few things to help in water damage cleanup. Turn off the source of water to prevent more water from flowing. When we come to your home or business, we remove all the items in the affected area and start extracting the water. Our unique tools ensure that the affected area is dry, and no moisture is retained.

Why Choose Service Restoration Rochester

Choosing the right water and fire restoration experts is the best thing you can do in the event of a disaster. Service Restoration prides itself in delivering the best service when you need it most. When you work with certified technicians, you’ll receive the peace of mind and emergency assistance you deserve.

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IICRC – Institute of Inspection, TheCleanTrustCertified

GRP – Green Risk Professional Certificate #0000

RIA – Restoration Industry Association – Certified Restorer

CRA – Cleaning & Restoration Association

IAQA – Indoor Air Quality Association

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Xactimate 28 Certified Level 2

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What Determines the Cost of Water Damage Restoration?

When the team at Service Restoration needs to determine the cost of our water mitigation and flood cleanup services, we look at five factors to consider. Every situation varies, and we want to ensure you’re billed based on your circumstances.
  • Source of Water: Sewage backup cleaning costs more than cleanup from a water supply line.
  • Amount of Water: More water may mean more damage and higher restoration costs.
  • Size of Area: It costs more to repair several rooms than just one.
  • Length of Time: Water causes more damage the longer it sits, which drives up restoration costs.
  • If There is Mold: Since water causes mold, it will increase the cost of restoration.
  • Amount of Reconstruction: The amount of reconstruction and the materials involved may increase the cost.

The Damage Cleanup & Restoration Process:

Service Restoration is committed to addressing the individual needs of our customers. We follow a strict process to ensure we provide the same excellent service to everyone we serve while addressing tailoring your situation’s unique needs. Here is the five-step process that ensures every aspect of your disaster is covered.
  1. Assessment & Inspection When you call Service Restoration, we’ll have a dedicated team ready to help you. We offer 24/7 services and 30-minute response times and will provide thorough inspections. A certified technician will survey the damage and develop a plan to begin the water mitigation process.
  2. Removing the Water: Once we develop a plan, we will begin the water removal process. Depending on which category your water damage falls into, our team will take precautionary action to ensure every drop is removed from your home before we begin drying.
  3. Disinfect, Dry, & Dehumidify: This step can take anywhere between 12-72 hours and depends on the amount of water in your home. We use high volume fans and structural humidifiers to ensure complete drying of your home.
  4. Clean & Sanitize: Before we restore your home, it’s essential to clean and sanitize the water covered surfaces. We’ll use deep cleaning solutions and top-of-the-line technology to clean every surface of your home and mitigate the risk of smells and mold associated with standing water.
  5. Repair & Restore: Lastly, our experts will begin repairing and restoring your home. We’ll replace everything from damaged cabinets and carpet to drywall and doors. No matter the extent of your damage, we have a team of qualified professionals who can provide the reliable and long-lasting repairs you need.

Why Hire a Restoration Company in Rochester, Minnesota

Our professional water restoration company will help you get the results you deserve. When you work with our certified technicians, we make the restoration process simple using innovative tools and technology and trained staff to remove water from your home thoroughly. We also offer emergency water damage services and will arrive at your home within 30 minutes of calling. Give us a call for a free estimate on your water damage and to schedule your appointment.

Serving The Entire Rochester Metro, Including:


Rochester is in Olmsted County, but we also serve the nearby counties.


Service Restoration is a professional water damage restoration company that serves the whole Rochester area. 


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Rochester's Choice Company for Inspection and Damage Assessment

We carefully inspect your property to see the areas affected. We also determine the type of water damage and where the leakage is. This helps us to avoid any safety hazards that could cause injuries. The type of water damage also allows us to know which precautionary measures to take. Each water category is handled differently depending on the level of contaminants.

Basement Water Removal

It could be hard to remove water from the basement, mostly if there were stored items. If moisture is retained, there could be mold build-up and foul odor. We use dehumidifiers to ensure that your basement is dry and clean. Also, we disinfected all the items affected by the water damage before returning them to the basement.

Water Damage Categories

There are three water damage categories, including clean water damage, grey water damage, and black water damage. 

Clean Water Damage: It’s also known as category 1 water damage and termed as the least severe by IICRC. This water comes from water supply lines, broken pipes, and overflowing sinks and bathtubs. It’s considered clean water because it’s toxin-free.

Grey Water Damage: Also known as category 2 water damage. This includes water from appliances such as sump pump backups, washing machines, and toilets. This water is contaminated and harmful when it comes into contact with your skin or consumed. If any items are affected by this water, they should be disinfected immediately.

Black Water Damage: It’s also known as category 3 water damage and poses serious health risks. If a sewer pipe leaks, quick action should be taken to keep those near the water damage safe. Other examples of black water include seawater and rising floodwater. If this water damage occurs in your home or business, deep disinfection should be done.

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