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In need of Water Damage Restoration in Rochester, MN? Service Restoration originated in the Twin Cities but quickly became the trusted partner of Rochester and surrounding area residents. Water damage is a severe issue that can lead to significant destruction to your property. Educated and trained teams will respond quickly to minimize the damage to your property.

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Service Restoration provides 24/7 emergency services to clean up and restore all types of water damage disasters for homeowners and business owners.

We offer 24/7 disaster services to address your water damage as soon as it happens. Our IICRC-certified water damage restoration professionals use commercial grade equipment that minimizes secondary damage, speeds up the drying process, and allows you to get back into your home faster.

We Work Directly with Your Insurance

We understand how complicated the insurance process can be when you’re trying to get your water damage covered, which it is important to have a company that understands the process. Our team is conveniently located to ensure quick response for water damage in Rochester, MN. We offer assistance working with insurance companies and claims adjusters. We’ll even help you file the water damage insurance claim and bill your insurance company directly.

It’s crucial to find out what your policy covers. Some insurance companies only protect against water damage associated with sudden accidents, not flooding caused by dangerous storms. If you need help finding out your policy coverage, our professionals will be happy to help you.

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Service Restoration Rochester is here to help with your damage restoration emergency.

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Our Water Mitigation Services

Whether it’s plumbing leaks, storm flooding, or overflowing sinks, or toilets, mold damage or mold remediation, we’re ready to help you. With our 60-minute response times, innovative technology, and comprehensive service offering, you’ll receive the fast and convenient water damage restoration in Rochester, MN. Water restoration can sometimes be referred to as water mitigation. We provide a wide range of services and work with local contractors and plumbers to get your home back to its pre-loss condition.

Our Residential & Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services:

  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Frozen or Burst Water Pipes
  • Heavy Rain and Severe Storms
  • Overflowing Bathtubs, Toilets, or Sinks
  • Sewage Backups or Septic Tank Malfunctions
  • Dishwasher or Washing Machine Overflows
  • Sump Pump Failures or Backups
  • Leaking Roofs or Windows
  • Burst pipes repair
  • Basement walls water leakage
  • Water cleanup services
  • Mold remediation services
  • Mold damage
  • Mold Growth Removal Service

Rochester Water Damage Restoration

After calling for emergency mitigation services, you should do a few things to help in water damage cleanup. Turn off the source of water to prevent more water from flowing. When we come to your home or business, we remove all the items in the affected area and start extracting the water. Once the water is extracted, we begin addressing the walls. Next, our educated team begins the drying process. Our commercial grade equipment ensure that the affected area is dry and no moisture is retained.

Why Choose Service Restoration of Rochester

Choosing the right water and fire restoration experts is the best thing you can do in the event of a disaster. Service Restoration prides itself in delivering the best service when you need it most. When you work with a team of industry-certified technicians, you’ll receive the peace of mind and emergency assistance you deserve.


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IAQA – Indoor Air Quality Association

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Xactimate 28 Certified Level 2

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What is the Cost of Rochester Water Damage Restoration?

When the team at Service Restoration needs to determine the cost for flood cleanup or water damage restoration in Rochester, MN, we consider six factors. Every situation varies, and we want to ensure you’re billed based on your circumstances.

Source of Water

Sewage backup cleaning costs more than cleanup from a water supply line due to the contaminants.

Amount of Water

More water may mean more affected areas and longer drying times leading to higher restoration costs.

Size of Area

The larger the area, the higher the cost due to more equipment, labor, and damaged materials.

Length of Time

Water causes more damage the longer it sits, which drives up restoration costs. This is often referred to as secondary damage.

If there is Mold

Since water causes mold, it will increase the cost of restoration due to mold being a contaminant.

Amount of reconstruction

The amount of reconstruction and the materials involved any increase the cost. Additionally, if any change orders are requested, the expense can increase.

The Damage Cleanup & Restoration Process:

Service Restoration is committed to addressing the individual needs of our customers. We follow a strict process to ensure we provide the same excellent service to everyone we serve while addressing tailoring your situation’s unique needs. Here is the five-step process that ensures every aspect of your disaster is covered.

1. Assessment and Inspection

When you call Service Restoration, we’ll have a dedicated team ready to help you. We offer 24/7 services and 60-minute response times and will provide thorough inspections. A certified technician will survey the damage and develop a plan to begin the water mitigation process.

2. Removing the Water

Once we develop a plan, we will begin the water removal process. Depending on which category your water damage falls into, our team will take precautionary action to ensure every drop is removed from your home before we begin drying.

3. Disinfect, Dry, & Dehumidify

This step usually takes between 24-72 hours and depends on the amount of water in your home. We use high volume air movers and structural humidifiers to ensure complete drying of your home.

4. Clean & Sanitize

Before we restore your home, it’s essential to clean and sanitize the water covered surfaces. We’ll use deep cleaning solutions and top-of-the-line technology to clean every surface of your home and mitigate the risk of smells and mold associated with standing water.

5. Repair & Restore

Lastly, our experts will begin repairing and restoring your home. We’ll replace everything from damaged cabinets and carpet to drywall and doors. No matter the extent of your damage, we have a team of qualified professionals who can provide the reliable and long-lasting repairs you need.

Why Hire a Restoration Company for your Rochester Water Damage Restoration Needs

Our professionals offer a greater experience to those in need of Rochester water damage restoration. When you work with our certified technicians, we make the restoration process simple using innovative tools, technology, and trained staff to remove water from your home thoroughly. Quick response is important to lower the chances of secondary damage. Give us a call for an estimate on your water damage and to schedule your appointment.

Serving The Entire Rochester Metro, Including:

Conveniently located for quick response

Although our office is located in Rochester, we are conveniently positioned for quick freeway access to reach the surrounding areas listed below for Commercial and Residential properties. Quick response times allow Service Restoration to help minimize the extent of the damage and stop the damage from spreading.


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Rochester's Choice Company for Inspection and Damage Assessment

We carefully inspect your property to see the areas affected. We also determine the type of water damage and where the leakage is. This helps us to avoid any safety hazards that could cause injuries. The type of water damage also allows us to know which precautionary measures to take. Each water category is handled differently depending on the level of contaminants.

Basement Water Removal

It could be hard to remove water from the basement, mostly if there were stored items. If moisture is retained, there could be mold build-up and foul odor. We use dehumidifiers to ensure that your basement is dry and clean. Also, we disinfected all the items affected by the water damage before returning them to the basement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water damage doesn’t have to be in the form of flooding in the house. Water seeping, also known as water seepage, through tiny cracks in the foundation can cause water damage behind walls. However, it can be difficult to locate the source and location of where the water is entering. But, it is possible using professional equipment to determine where the water has traveled. Peeling paint, water stains, or warping of the wall are some of the indicators that there is water damage occurring. If the wall is mushy or soft to the touch, there may be water damage. Musty or “rotten leaf” smell can be another indicator. 

Water damage doesn’t have to be in the form of flooding in the house. Water sipping through tiny cracks and behind walls can cause a lot of problems. However, it can be hard to determine whether there is water damage behind walls. However, it is possible to inspect and know if there are water damages behind walls. The process involves knowing what you are looking for visually. Occurrences of peeling paint, water stains, or warping of the wall are some of the indicators that there is water damage behind the walls. You can also push on the wall lightly. If it is mushy, there may be water damage. The smell can also be musty or like that of rotten leaves. It is vital to do this identification test so that water damage restoration is done in good time.

Yes, Service Restoration can remove water out of your carpet in Rochester, MN. One of the most affected parts of water damage is the carpet. Using professional grade water extractors, our equipment can remove far more water at a faster rate than a traditional wet vac. Using proper techniques for water removal, we may be able to save your carpet. The water will be dried and the carpet is then restored. However, in some cases, the carpet and the carpet pad may have to be replaced if the damage is from dirty water or the water has sat too long. Carpet delamination and mold can occur if not addressed promptly.

  • Water damage cleanup
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal
  • Remodeling
  • Sewage cleanup
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • 24/7 Disaster Management Services
  • Basement Cleaning
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Biohazard Damage Restoration
  • Ceiling Repairs
  • Cleaning And Restoration
  • Commercial Storm Damage
  • Complete Remodel
  • Complete Restoration
  • Complete Structural Drying
  • Contents Restoration
  • Damage Remediation
  • Decontamination Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Disaster Restoration Services
  • Emergency Board Up Service
  • Emergency Management Service
  • Emergency Restoration Services
  • Flood Damage Cleanup Commercial
  • Flooded Basement Cleanup
  • Floor Repair
  • Hazmat Cleanup
  • Hoarder Cleanup
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Property Restoration
  • Rebuild Service
  • Sewer Backups
  • Smoke Damage Cleanup
  • Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Storm Damage Clean Up
  • Storm Damage Restoration Services
  • Toilet Overflow
  • Trauma Cleaner
  • Water Extraction
  • Water Mitigation
  • Water Remediation

Yes – we are able to repair water damaged wood floors if they are salvageable. Wood and water are similar to oil and water – they don’t mix well. However, this damage can be reversible if prompt action is taken. The repairs include that to the subfloors, refinishing, patching, and reconstruction. However, the type of repair we do entirely depends on the type of water damage that you are facing. For the best results, it is vital to report all water damaged wood floors immediately. The longer that water sits on the wood, the more damage it faces, and the harder it will be to reverse the water damage. Service Restoration has teams available 24/7/365 to assist with your wood floor damage. Whenever you realize you need water damage repair on the wood floor, call us for assistance.

Yes – we are able to repair water damaged wood floors. Wood and water do not correlate as water causes a lot of damage to wood. However, this damage is usually reversible. We are able to handle water damage repair to wood floors. The repairs include that to the subfloors, refinishing, and reconstruction. However, the type of repair we do entirely depends on the type of water damage that you are facing. For the best results, it is vital to report all water damaged wood floors immediately for a prompt response. The more the water sits on the wood, the more damage it faces and the harder it will be to reverse the water damage. Service Restoration is a team that works on an emergency basis. Whenever you realize you need water damage repair on the wood floor, call us for assistance.

Water damage from ice dams is tragic and can cause a lot of damage leading to the repairs being quite costly. However, whether your homeowners insurance will cover the water damage depends on the company that you are working with. If your insurance team doesn’t cover the water damage. Service Restoration in Rochester offers affordable water damage restoration. 

  • Fire damage cleanup & repair
  • Water damage cleanup
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal
  • Remodeling
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Content Restoration Services

Water Damage Categories

There are three water damage categories, including clean water damage, grey water damage, and black water damage. 

Clean Water Damage: It’s also known as category 1 water damage and termed as the least severe by IICRC. This water comes from water supply lines, broken pipes, and overflowing sinks and bathtubs. It’s considered clean water because it’s toxin-free.

Grey Water Damage: Also known as category 2 water damage. This includes water from appliances such as sump pump backups, washing machines, and toilets. This water is contaminated and harmful when it comes into contact with your skin or consumed. If any items are affected by this water, they should be disinfected immediately.

Black Water Damage: It’s also known as category 3 water damage and poses serious health risks. If a sewer pipe leaks, quick action should be taken to keep those near the water damage safe. Other examples of black water include seawater and rising floodwater. If this water damage occurs in your home or business, deep disinfection should be done.


Water Damage Restoration Services in Rochester, Minnesota Office Directions

Service Restoration is located on 1928 32nd Ave NW Unit A, Rochester, MN. From Rochester International Airport get on US Hwy 63 N. Then head north on Helgerson Dr SW toward County Rd 16 SW, and turn right onto County Rd 16 SW. After that at the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto the US Hwy 63 N ramp. Continue on US Hwy 63 N. Take US-52 N/US-63 N to 19th St NW/Elton Hills Dr NW. Take exit 56C from US-52 N/US-63 N. Next merge onto US Hwy 63 N, and take the exit onto US-52 N/US-63 N toward St Paul. At this point take exit 56C for 19th St NW. Follow 19th St NW to 32nd Ave NW. Finally, slight left onto 19th St NW/Elton Hills Dr NW. Turn right onto 32nd Ave NW, and Service Restoration will be on the right.

We’re open: Sunday-Monday 24/7

For additional questions, you can call us at (507) 888-8460 or find us on Yelp.

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Service Restoration of Rochester is an industry-leading restoration company that has been providing consistent, and high-quality results to the country’s communities for the past 20 years. Call us, 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays, if you face a disaster in your home or business property. Our well-trained, polite, and understanding phone staff are on hand ready to take you to call any time of the day or night when you call; (507) 888-8460.

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