CBS Features Service Restoration for Basement Flooding Damage

The best line of defense against your basement flooding, is a proper working sump pump. Service Restoration territory manager Ray Sandey offered advice for maintaining your sump pump during the Service Restoration CBS Feature. Most sump pumps don’t last but a couple of years and due to the importance of their role in keeping your basement dry, Ray recommends people buy a new pump every three years.

The team from Service Restoration was featured this past week on CBS Minnesota to discuss protecting your basement from springtime flooding challenges. As one of the leading disaster restoration companies in the Minneapolis area, Service Restoration restores Commercial and Residential properties. The company routinely helps thousands of property owners in the Twin Cities area every year recover from basement flooding.

“It’s the cheapest insurance you’re going get to make sure you have a new sump pump that works all the time,” he said.

Sump Pumps are one of the main defense measures for keeping a basement dry, but the other area that property owners should be aware of is the drains. The storm and sewer drain for your property can also cause your basement to flood. Storm and Sewer flooding can be caused if pipes are blocked or obstructed by roots or other debris. Additionally, sewer backups can be even more problematic as the water is considered unsafe due to the presence of bacteria. The Service Restoration CBS Feature solidifies the company as a trusted partner in Minnesota.


Professional Standards

The restoration techs from Service Restoration follow cleaning guidelines from the IICRC to ensure your property is cleaned and restored. Restoration processes should strive to repair the property to a pre-loss condition. Moreover, following the industries most stringent guidelines will minimize the potential for mold or bacteria growth. Water damage can often be misdiagnosed as the naked-eye is not at able to determine the moisture content. Service Restoration often reminds customers – “dry to the touch, does not mean dry”. To sum up, water often travels behind drywall, insulation, studs, subfloor, or under carpeting that only moisture meters can detect.

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Service Restoration helps commercial and residential property owners recover from fire, water and storm damage in the greater Twin Cities area as well as nationwide. For the fastest response time for basement flooding in Minneapolis call (612) 260-2500 today!
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