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The unthinkable has happened your house has caught fire and, after the fireman go you are left with an empty shell of a house. Currently, you’re sat in your house surrounded by smoke damage wondering, what should I do? Or will my house ever be the same?

Don’t panic there are answers: You might want to try cleaning it yourself and saving some money. But you shouldn’t, getting it cleaned professionally is your best option.

Let me give you some points why

For one it’s a time-sensitive issue, soot and ash can be extremely damaging if left for too long. The quicker you can get a team in there the better chance of salvaging the belongings you have left. If left for too long the cost of repairing the results of the smoke damage could far outweigh the cost of getting a professional cleaner in.

The Right Techniques And Equipment

Have you got industrial cleaning equipment at your home? I didn’t think so. Many people wouldn’t, and that’s the thing a professional cleaner will have all the tools and chemicals needed to complete the job. With the right tools and knowledge, smoke damage can be dealt with leaving no trace that a fire even happened. Using a standard household vacuum cleaner just won’t cut it, especially when you’re trying to remove soot from upholstery.

In fact, a standard vacuum could end up making it worse by pushing the damage further into the fabric.

Why take the risk when a professional is a phone call away.

Deep Cleaning

The professionals know exactly what requires more attention once smoke damage has occurred. Knowing this will allow them to clean more efficiently and quicker than any normal person could. Not only this but, they have the correct chemicals to neutralize the odor of smoke. Like I said it’s time sensitive, the quicker its cleaned the less damage will occur.

And let’s face it who likes cleaning.

What Can You Do

While waiting you might feel like a loose end.

But don’t worry, there’re things you can do to help. You need to open all of the windows and doors you might want to grab a jacket if it’s cold. Ventilation is key, to help remove the damage of smoke if you have any HVAC systems be sure to turn them off.



So there you have it, some sure-fire reasons why you hire a professional. Now you could try and tackle it yourself but, remember time is of the essence so you need to act quickly. The best option may sound expensive at first but it will save you time and money in the long run. Service Restoration provides professional smoke and fire damage cleanup for commercial and residential property disasters. Call today for a free on-site estimate.
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