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Water damage is a real problem. From how it happens to the way that it is dealt with, it is too much for a person to deal with alone. When it happens, frustration is one of the things that rush into our minds. However, with Service Restoration Inc., there is hope. Water damage is something that can happen at any time, and the main focus after such a disaster is to focus on cleanup.
We use the best technology in the market right now to give your home or commercial space the justice it deserves. After a water damage cleanup, you will feel like there is nothing that happened.

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Service Restoration Inc. understands that water damage restoration can be costly, especially if unbudgeted. We work with top insurance companies such as Allstate, Statefarm, and Liberty Mutual Insurance, and many more to ensure that you can cater for your repairs without much hustle.

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A Reliable Water Restoration Company in Smyrna

The main point of water restoration is to restore our spaces to their former glory. Water damage at times is something that we cannot control. However, how we bounce back is something that we can ensure happens. Service Restoration Inc. is a premium water damage restoration company in Smyrna, GA. We look forward to helping our clients get their homes back into tip-top shape. We are a reliable team and result-oriented, ensuring that your home or commercial space is free from all kinds of water damage.


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Service Restoration Inc Smyrna is here to help with your damage restoration emergency.

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Water Removal in Smyrna, GA

Water is life. However, at times, this is only applicable if it is in the right place and at the right time. Unfortunately, there are times that water exceeds and gets to damages our property. In times such as floods, water can get into your home and cause real problems if not dealt with in time. Service Restoration Inc. is the team to go to when such happens. We have all the tools and capability to remove all the unnecessary water in your home.

Smyrna’s Choice for Damage Restoration

When choosing a restoration company, sometimes following the masses can be good for you. We are a local favorite and recommended as your water and fire damage restoration company. We do a splendid job, and we will not disappoint you in any way.

Certified ICRC Water Damage Repair Company in Smyrna, GA

When searching for a leading Smyrna, GA water damage restoration contractor, choose a fully licensed and insured service provider in Smyrna, GA. Also, consider the abilities of their team. Find out how long a contractor has been in business, the level of experience and group training, and whether a reputable certification program approves the company. Service Restoration Inc. is certified by the IICRC. Besides, we have other essential certificates such as EPA and NORMI. These certificates show that we are competent and reliable for all types of refunds you may need. It may be best to go with a certified company to get the best results.

A Team with an Edge Above the Rest

Why choose us? The answer is simple. We have an edge above the rest. When it comes to experience, reliability, affordability, and professionalism in our work, we are unmatched. We always leave our customers satisfied. We work diligently to ensure that the results of the job are excellent.

Serving The Entire Georgia Metro, Including:


The Georgia metro area has sprawled across county lines and the city limits are extend there too. They include Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, DeKalb, Clayton, Cherokee, Forsyth, Henry, Paulding, Coweta, Douglas, Carroll, Fayette, Newton, Bartow, Walton, Rockdale, Barrow County. 


Service Restoration is a professional water damage restoration company that serves the whole Smyrna area. 


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Basement Water Removal in Smyrna

Dealing with a flooded basement is tough. The problem is that the most likely parts of our homes to flood is the basement. A mop and a bucket will not do in this scenario. You will need a basement water removal company in Smyrna, GA. No other team does it better than Service Restoration Inc.

We have all it takes and what is needed for a successful basement water removal job. We have the best tools for basement water removal. Our team is full of experts who will ensure every ounce of water is out and the problem fixed.

Commercial Water Damage Company in Smyrna, GA

Commercial water damage can be a problem. Commercial areas are often large, and in many cases, water damage is likely to increase in burst pipes or other faults that may occur. Water damage in the commercial area can lead to many losses, as the work cannot be done correctly. Service Restoration Inc. will remove this problem immediately. This is an emergency, and our emergency services will ensure you return to normal immediately. We work 24 hours a day and 365 days to make sure we stay on top of an emergency.

Storm Damage in Smyrna, GA

Storms happen from time-to-time to every year. No one can control the severity of any storm. Sometimes the storms are usually too harsh and cause a lot of damage to your property. A tree can fall on your roof, or floods can become, sweeping a lot of dirt and debris into your home. Service Restoration Inc. is the team that will deal with the storm damage in Smyrna for you. We have all the tools and expertise in expertly dealing with the damage from the storm.

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