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24/7 local disaster recovery services for your property offered by Service Restoration professionals for Fire, Storm, and Water Damage. Your property is one of your most valuable assets you have – protect it with an experienced team and trusted process. Our crews are trained to deal with any water or fire damage restoration work you may need. We can have your property’s water removal or water clean-up underway in no time.

Service Restoration uses commercial grade equipment and most updated methods to dry and restore your property to industry standards. 

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Water Damage Kitchen in Apartment Cleanup | Service Restoration of Stillwater
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Stillwater Restoration Company

With over 30 years of restoration experience, we’ve helped thousands of customers in your position. That’s not an exaggeration and we hope that provides comfort knowing that we’ve been there and done that.

When you get water damage restoration services immediately and from a experience company, you will have professionals on hand to tackle the challenge of minimizing secondary damage. 

We Work With All Insurance Companies

Service Restoration is happy to work with all insurance companies in Minnesota, including AAA, Allstate, State Farm, Chubb, Nationwide, Farmers, USAA, and more, to ensure the recovery process is as painless as possible.

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Service Restoration of Stillwater is here to help with your damage restoration emergency.

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Water Damage Cleanup in Stillwater

Service Restoration of Stillwater | Drying Wet Ceiling Apartment | Complex Living Room and Kitchen

At Service Restoration, we use the latest and most reliable techniques paired with commercial grade equipment to solve your water damage emergencies, efficiently and effectively. This strategy have made us a leader in water damage restoration services in Minnesota and the surrounding areas. Through time, we have gained the much-needed experience to reduce secondary damage, drying time, and expense. As a result, our customers have become our advocates.

Stillwater Water Damage Restoration Experts

Our crews have significant experience and trained extensively to provide a premier service. For water damage, mold remediation, fire damage, and storm damage restoration, we are able to provide optimal solutions. From a flooded basement cleanup to a hotel sprinkler line burst needing water extraction and dry out, we have the necessary equipment and staffing to handle any restoration services in your home or business. 

Service Restoration of Stillwater | Drying Wet Ceiling | Apartment Complex Bathroom Dry Out

Complete Restoration Services

Residential and commercial water damage restoration services in Stillwater, MN and surrounding areas, Service Restoration can help. Our professionals can be on site quickly for emergency situations, broken sprinkler lines, overflowing washing machines, floods, and mold remediation. The faster you call our team, the less secondary damage will occur.

The extent of the damage can depend on your response time. Whenever you have standing water or moisture present in your home or business premises, it creates an environment in which mold and bacteria thrive if not dealt with promptly. If the water is allowed to remain without, it can result in allergic reactions, mold-related illnesses, and damage to the physical structures in the home.

Why Choose Us?
With the skilled team of Service Restoration on your side, you can reduce how long your home is exposed to prolonged water, alleviate the risk of mold, and repair water damage quickly. Service Restoration of Stillwater is a licensed water damage restoration contractor in the state of Minnesota, and we’re certified to handle any size recovery project. Call Us Today (612) 260-2500 so that we can get our professional on-site to lend a hand

Stillwater Disaster Restoration

If your house was affected by fire, it is crucial to employ a professional fire damage restoration service as quickly as possible. We use the best restoration procedures in cleaning your possessions to make certain you recover the majority of them. Proper documentation and notation of services performed and needed, will help make the insurance process easier.

To mitigate the harm and save on repair costs, click the button below to call Service Restoration of Stillwater today!

Serving The Entire Minneapolis Metro, Including:

About Stillwater, MN

Stillwater is the seat of Washington County, MN. It offers residents an suburban feel as is 20 minutes from St. Paul, while being along side a beautiful riverfront. With a population nearing 20,000, Stillwater has become a staple for tourists from the metro area. 

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Water Damage Common Hallway Dryout in Apartment Cleanup | Service Restoration of Stillwater

Benefits of Our Professional Restoration Service​

Using a Stillwater restoration company brings with it many benefits. If your property has experienced flood damage, hiring a water damage repair or cleanup company can help to get rid of any remaining water immediately, or locate the source of the water if you haven’t been able to do so. Once the source has stopped, the dry out process can begin.

Professional water damage service in Stillwater, MN, and nearby areas can help you to dry out the area and implement a repair process to prevent future mold. Furthermore, when you hire professionals, you can reduce the overall loss size. If mold develops due to unnoticed water damage, hiring a mold remediation company will eliminate the health hazard that is present.

Experts are there to help you document any losses you have faced so that down the line you can get a fair settlement from your homeowners’ insurance company or you can provide evidence if you have to dispute a claim that was denied by your insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways that water can flood your home or business. The water source can be from either outside or inside your property. Hiring a professional restoration company with commercial grade equipment will yield the best result. Service Restoration is available 24/7/365 with trained staff. Flood Damage in your home or business differs from traditional water damage and more materials will have to be discarded or removed for thorough cleaning and drying. The water extraction and dry out process is relatively similar, but extra precaution is taken for category 3 water. Unsalvageable materials will be discarded, usually carpet and pad. Improper action or ignoring the issue will cause secondary damage and mold can form. Do-it-yourself techniques often fail due to improper airflow and not removing moisture from the air quickly enough.

Most standard homeowners insurance covers water damage in homes. However, there can be caveats, such as sump pump backup insurance and/or source of the water. Homeowner’s insurance usually covers a loss that was sudden and led to the damage. Burst pipes, dishwasher leaks, water supply lines, overflowing bathtubs and overflowing sinks are typically covered. However, homeowners insurance won’t cover any water damage that was brought by lack of maintenance to the home such as faulty pipes that were never repaired.

Homeowner’s insurance also doesn’t cover flood water damage. Storms, water overflowing river and lakes, and sewers are not generally covered. The National Flood Insurance Program offers additional coverage for causes not covered under general homeowner’s insurance. Service Restoration accepts all forms of insurance and water damage coverage. Our main goal is to restore your home to its former glory. We recommend talking to your insurance agent to make sure you’re covered.

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Stillwater Restoration Services

First, home restoration services start by removing the water to ensure that no additional damage is done – this is called secondary damage. The water removal process usually involves pumping or water extraction. Next, the contents of the property are moved out of harms way, either on site or offsite for storage and cleaning. Then, the demolition and decontamination can begin. Finally, the area can start being dried out.
Service Restoration of Stillwater, will always start with these preliminary cleanup steps after which any necessary water damage repairs take place. Our construction background allows us to offer a one-stop shop approach – we can dry out and repair!
Restoration experts will assess the damage done after the area has been dried out and decontaminated so that a subsequent plan of action can be designed to remove any remaining moisture and clean up any damage.
Water Damage Kitchen Island in Apartment Cleanup | Service Restoration of Stillwater

Call Service Restoration of Stillwater for help with your Water Damage Emergency!

Service Restoration is Minnesota’s top restoration specialist delivering reliable, consistent, and high-quality results to the country’s communities since 1997. Get in touch with us, 24/7/365, including holidays, if you encounter a disaster in your home or business property. Our well-trained, polite and understanding phone staff are on hand ready to take you to call any time of the day or night when you call; (612) 260-2500.

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