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Medical Facility | Water Damage | Hallway Drying | Service Restoration

Medical Facility Pipe Break

Medical Facility Pipe Break Founded On Relationships, Service, & Quality Work A large medical facility experienced a pipe break that caused significant damage and business disruption. Service Restoration brought in a desiccant to help stabilize the property as quickly as possible and to minimize secondary damage. Medical facilities have high sanitary and cleanliness needs. The …

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Condominium | Hurricane Water Damage | Service Restoration

Condominium Hurricane Damage

Condominium Hurricane Damage Founded On Relationships, Service, & Quality Work Condominium hurricane damage offers unique challenges that other buildings don’t experience.  Hurricanes cause significant damage and strain insurance company resources drastically. Adding in the fact that condominium’s have Home Owner Association (HOA) and units are owned by individuals, there are multiple parties that work has …

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Service Restoration | Church Rebuild After Hurricane | Water Damage Progress

Large Church, School, and Office

Large Church, School, and Office Founded On Relationships, Service, & Quality Work Hurricanes cause significant damage to people and properties. The most important thing is that everyone is okay and safe. The aftermath of a hurricane leaves people, emotions, and properties to be repaired. Service Restoration has significant experience in easing the burden by helping …

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