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Water Damage Cannon Falls, MN

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Historic Cannon Falls

Cannon Falls is located straight south of St. Paul, MN. If you’re leaving St. Paul, you’ll take highway 52 for 30 minutes to arrive at one of Minnesota’s hidden gems. If you’re leaving from Rochester, MN a quick 42 minute drive North up highway 52 will get you there. A small town atmosphere of 4,200 people have helped the town become what it is today. Originally settled in 1854, Cannon Falls is perfectly located for residents who want close access to big towns, but want to avoid the busyness. The Cannon Falls area has become a tourist attraction for families looking to tube down the river and to enjoy all that Lake Byllesby has to offer. 

Water Damage to Property in Cannon Falls

Although water damage can occur from many things, Cannon Falls has experienced flooding from it’s own river. River flooding is a difficult thing for property owner’s to deal with. Often, heavy rainfall can leave property options with one option – wait it out. New alternatives to sandbags are being created to help prevent the flooding of homes, but many variables can cause errors in those alternatives.

Some important things to consider if you live in a potential flood plain are:

  • Do you have flood insurance?
  • Do you have sewage backup insurance?
  • Do you have a sump pump? Is it operational?
  • Do you know who you will call if you experience water damage?
  • Can you get waterproofing done on your basement?
  • Is your landscaping graded away from the house?
  • Do you gutters move water far enough away from your foundation?

What should you do if you have water damage?

Water damage restoration is an extensive process that professionals can handle best. We’ve written a short article about taking a DIY approach to flooded basements before, but find that customers end up calling back because the damage is too extensive.

Our process involves performing an initial inspection. Next, we will explain the extent of the water damage that has occurred. After explaining the extent of the damage, we will begin moving your contents to a safe location. IF your contents need restoration, we can perform that operation to salvageable items. Once the contents have been removed, we can begin extracting and removing damaged and unsalvageable flooring – whether it’s hardwood, luxury vinyl plank, carpet, or tile. Next, we will begin addressing the extent of damage on the walls. To assess the damage, we consider what type of walls you have – concrete block, framed with drywall and insulation, brick, paneling, wainscoting, etc. Again, we will remove any unsalvageable materials that will hamper the drying process.

After the walls are addressed, Service Restoration will begin setting our commercial grade drying equipment. Standard home equipment often doesn’t have commercial grade drying air movement. 

Drying Equipment - Commercial vs. Residential

For example, home dehumidifiers often remove between 20-30 pints of moisture per day compared to 120+ for commercial grade equipment. Another example, a standard oscillating fan has roughly 1,850 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air movement. One of our commercial grade air movers has over 2,800 CFM. Usually, multiple air movers are needed per affected room. The amount of dehumidifiers per room or per job again depends on the size of the loss, extent of the damage, layout of the property, and the drying conditions. The drying process is all based on size, damaged area, and room layout. 

Next, Service Restoration will monitor the drying process with moisture meters and remove equipment as the drying process commences in each affected area. Some areas may have equipment run longer due to multiple variables having the potential to affect drying time. Experiencing Water Damage in Cannon Falls MN can be a complicated area due to the potential for recurring flooding. Once your property has achieved EMC (equilibrium moisture content), equipment is removed. Following the successful dry out of your property, we are happy to work directly with your insurance provider on billing. Service Restoration utilizes a third party billing software that utilizes a price list that insurance companies have agreed to. 

Locally Owned and Operated Restoration

As a Locally Owned and Operated restoration company, we understand that residents want to work with a local company rather than a national franchise. However, occasionally what happens is that national franchise invest more in their systems and processes to provide a superior service compared to locally owned businesses. Service Restoration fits nicely in between both options. We are locally owned and operated, but have invested heavily into our people, systems, and technology to offer than quality of service that our customers deserve. Our staff is available 24/7/365 for all commercial and residential losses. Learn more about our following services:

Service Restoration is proud to be IICRC certified. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration helps educate firms to dry out properties and to do it correctly the first time. Any firm you hire for the services listed above should be IICRC certified, as it’s an industry standard. 

Additional Things To Do

Outside of tubing down the Cannon River or boating on Lake Byllesby, tourists and residents can:

  • Visit the Riverside Park, Minnieska Park, or John Burch Park. These are great parks to have a picnic at after spending time hiking or out on the water.
  • Utilize the extensive trails – these trails can be biked, ran, or walked. Make sure to follow the rules for each to make sure every trail goer has a safe and pleasant experience
    • Mill Towns State Trail starts near the Lake Byllesby dam and offers a nice 5 mile paved trail
    • Cannon Valley Trail is a 20 mile trail that connects to Red Wing, MN. Another benefit is the smooth, paved path.
    • A less known but more hilly and scenic trail is the Miesville Upper Bluff Trail
  • Cannon Valley Fair
    • In 2023, the fair will take place at the fairgrounds between July 1st and 4th. 
    • $5 Admission will get you in to explore tons of action from carnival games, to rides, to a demolition derby. This 108-year old fair has lasted the test of time for good reason.
  • Cannon River Winery – With over 40 acres and thousands of vines, the Cannon River Winery has rapidly grown into a destination winery. 
  • CannonBelles Coffee & Ice Cream – just across the street from Cannon River Winder is another staple to downtown Cannon Falls. Offering Artisanal cheese, coffee, and ice creams, it would be hard for anyone to not be able to find something the like! 
  • Restaurant options include Mill Street Tavern, Nick’s Downtown Diner, Brewster’s Bar & Grill, Chuggers Bar & Grill, Sweet Kneads Cannon Falls Bakery, and more.
  • Antiques on 4th has unique items that make for the perfect gifts
  • Museums – Cannon Falls Museum and Cannon Falls Military Museum

Visit Cannon Falls

Cannon Falls has much to offer for residents and tourists visiting. With so much to offer, we recommend that you plan your trip in advance to be sure to each place off your list. Lastly, book your hotel or lodging early as the options are a bit limited. If you’re a resident, you likely already know of all of these places! With so much to offer, Service Restoration is proud to offer comprehensive restoration services to the residents of Cannon Falls, 24/7/365. When you call Service Restoration, you can expect quick response times and friendly staff.

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