Water Damage From Broken Sprinkler

Water Damage from Broken Sprinkler Heads in Apartment Building

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Unique challenges are presented due to water damage from broken sprinkler heads. Hiring a trusted professional means that the complexity will be handled swiftly. Service Restoration’s prerogative is to minimize the disruption of all tenants while we perform our water damage cleanup services. Whether all units are effected or only some, we are cognizant that other residents may be living through our restoration process and we will limit the disturbance as much as possible. If needed, we are able to deploy our large loss equipment including desiccants, temporary heat/air-conditioning, and/or temporary power. Service Restoration was notified that a sprinkler line had been damaged and caused water damage to 3 floors in the complex. The scope of work included:

  • Strategic and targeted drying
  • Commercial Structural Drying and Stabilization Procedures
  • Coordination with the property development company
  • Rapid deployment of water mitigation crews 
Hallway Walls and Ceiling Water Damage Restoration from Sprinkler Line in Apartment | Service Restoration
Kitchen Walls and Ceiling Water Damage Restoration from Sprinkler Line in Apartment | Service Restoration
Water Damage From Broken Sprinkler Line Cleanup Bathroom in Apartment Building | Service Restoration
Water Damage From Broken Sprinkler Line Cleanup in Apartment Building | Service Restoration

The apartment complex saw multiples services performed including moisture & structural stabilization and structural dry out. Water damage from a broken sprinkler head can cause large scale damage. Property Managers & Property Developer’s should connect with a water damage restoration company that has the staff, equipment, and experience to handle large losses. Service Restoration is an industry leader that will return your property to pre-loss condition.

Loss Event: Water Damage

Source of Loss: Broken Sprinkler Head

Location: Stillwater, MN

Services Performed: Water Damage Dry Out

Type of Property: Commercial – Apartment Complex

Service Restoration has helped thousands of customers – commercial and residential. Our experience and technique has become unparalleled and made us the preferred partner for large property development and property management companies. Fast response times, friendly staff, and high quality work continues to differentiate our services from our competitors. We will be there when you call and help to minimize secondary damage from spreading.

Strategic and Targeted Structural Drying Water Damage From Sprinkler Line | Service Restoration

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