Service Restoration Inc – Rochester, MN

Job Description

This position is located in Rochester, MN and surrounding areas.

Growing water and fire restoration company with headquarters in Bloomington, MN is in need of hardworking, energetic persons to join our team at our Rochester, MN location.

Submit your resume online or Stop in Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm to fill out an application and potentially an on-the-spot interview! 300 W 83rd Street, Bloomington, MN 55420 or 1928 32nd Avenue NW, Rochester, MN.

The experienced restoration technician will work to dry, clean and restore client property back to pre-damaged condition. Daily tasks may include loading and unloading of equipment, demolition, structure cleaning or other as directed by crew leader. Organization skills and ability to multitask a plus.
We offer a competitive salary and generous bonus structure. Paid training. Salary commensurate to experience. IICRC certifications are a plus. Regular work hours. Some on call and emergency call time.

Driver license and good driving record a must. Professional appearance is important. Some travel may be necessary.

Job Type: Full-time

Clean driving record and transportation is a must

Travel: Occasional

CompensationHOURLY Determined by Offer Letter

Pay Range : TBD with Offer

  • Benefits:
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • PTO
  • 8 paid Holidays
  • Life & AD&D
  • Short-term Disability
  • Long-term Disability
  • 401K with discretionary match
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Sam’s Club or Costco Membership
  • Bonus potential
  • More possible including training, incentives, supplies (cell, tool, and vehicle use, etc. if applicable) and potential discounts, reimbursements, memberships, training/education, licenses, and recognitions as predetermined by company and announced consistently.


Position Title: Technician Level One- Damage Restoration/Mitigation- TECH I-DRM

Reports To: Crew Chief-Damage Restoration/Mitigation (CC-DRM) while on-site,

Ultimately reports to: Project Manager-Damage Restoration/Mitigation (PM-DRM) or General Manager-Damage Restoration/Mitigation (GM-DRM)

Supervises: This position does not have any direct reports

JOB PURPOSE/Position Overview

➢ Mission: See Employee Handbook

➢ Brief History of Company and Company Owner(s): Service Restoration specializes in Damage Restoration/Mitigation, Construction/Rebuild, Trauma Restoration, and Contents Refurbishing. Service Restoration was founded by Dan Schmidt who became dedicated to the field of Restoration in 2014. Service Restoration is headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota and has multiple locations across the United States. Service Restoration is a rapidly expanding company offering many opportunities.

➢ Brief Position Overview: The Technician Level One is an entry-level, general labor, position responsible primarily for performing the manual labor required to mitigate damage to property resulting from water, fire, flood, storm, trauma, or other sources. This position may assist the Construction/Rebuild Department with the continuation of the restoration of damaged properties.

Typical Weekly Schedule: The hours of work and days for this position are typically Monday through Friday days, between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (as scheduled and determined with your supervisor); however early morning, weekend, evening, overnight, and holiday work will likely be required frequently or occasionally as job duties demand.

ROLE OF DEPARTMENT: The Damage Restoration/Mitigation Department handles a significant portion of Service Restoration’s business and handles the first stage of the mitigation process. The Damage Restoration/Mitigation Department deploys the first responders who take initial calls, often on very short and urgent notice, to arrive on-site, assess damages and get to work stopping the continuation of damage and beginning immediate mitigation efforts. This might include lifting carpet from a flooded basement or cutting drywall to avoid mold growth, moving furniture, relating with clients during stressful circumstances and more to do whatever it takes to begin the process of making the clients’ properties whole again as expeditiously as possible. When a property is damaged due to flood, fire, natural disaster, trauma, or similar, the Damage Restoration/Mitigation team comes in to stop further damage to property; remove property to be restored, mitigate damages, test for mold; remove smoke or water damage from belongings; and other functions as required to get the property to a state ready for reconstruction. This is when the Construction/Rebuild team comes in, if they have not already been involved in the mitigation process, and steps in to begin the restoration process for the property.

Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • The effective performance of this position may include the following list as well as other tasks and duties as required or assigned to fulfill the requirements of the job:
  • Daily documentation entry and tracking; producing emails, notes, documents
  • Daily entry of notes about work in-process and completed
  • Daily documentation of work completed
  • Document through taking photographs
  • Entry of photograph or video documentation of work as completed and finalized
  • Complete demolition processes and manual labor
  • Set-up equipment
  • Take-down equipment
  • Work with team to complete daily tasks and task-at-hand
  • Clean-as-you-go
  • Daily site clean-up prior to leaving
  • Keep vehicle clean
  • Keep equipment clean
  • Notify supervisor of potential equipment maintenance issues
  • Keep supervisors informed of progress or potential concerns
  • Maintain safe work environment
  • Follow safety procedures
  • Use proper lifting, climbing and other safety techniques
  • Use proper protective equipment (PPE) such as eyewear, respirators or masks, reflectors, gloves, hard hats, steel-toed boots, etc. as needed.


If Job Description applies to a particular specialty such as Painting, Plumbing, Electrical, or other, the duties and tasks include the functions typical of those specialties and the corresponding skills, abilities, and experience necessary for the employee to perform high-quality work on a consistent basis.

Division/Department: Damage Restoration/Mitigation (DRM)

➢ May also interact with or work side-by-side other Departments:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • IT/Technology
  • Operations:

· Production

· Claims:

• Estimation

• Project Coordination

· Damage Restoration/Mitigation (DRM)

  • Water
  • Mold
  • Sewage
  • Fire
  • Trauma
  • Storm/Other

· Construction/Rebuild (CRB)

  • Human Resources/Payroll
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Administrative
  • Legal


This is a full-time, regular, and hourly position, which is not exempt from overtime or minimum wage. The majority of the work for this position is on-site and manual or physical labor in the field involving repetitive operations with your hands, physical skill, and energy. This position may perform tasks in addition and as required to complete the requirements of the restoration job, which may include inventory, cleaning, packing, moving, bending, lifting, speaking with clients, driving, using tools and equipment, performing construction, carpentry, painting, caulking, drywalling, taping, sanding, running errands to retrieve supplies, and other various tasks and duties as required to properly complete high-quality work. This position performs a non-supervisory role within the company in the area of production, maintenance, construction, carpentry, laborers, etc.

JOB PURPOSE/Position Overview


• Full-time: This position is typically full-time. Overtime may be required. Your offer letter will determine whether you are full-time or part-time.

General Job Description: The description contained in this job description in not all-inclusive and may include additional tasks, duties, and functions as required or assigned in order to effectively complete the job.

(“Job” means the service, contract, or construction job, which generates revenue for the company; whereas “Position” means the role described in this job description.)

The TECH I-DRM is primarily responsible for performing the manual and physical labor required to complete a restoration job from start to finish. This position ensures the job sites remain clean and presentable. This position follows all proper safety measures. This position works closely with other technicians, crew chiefs, and project managers to determine what demolition equipment is required for each job.

Essential Functions and Key Competencies

  • It is essential to the success of this role that the employee:
  • Communicates well and is able to cooperate with the team
  • Delivers communication with compassion to property owners who may be facing emotionally distressful or financially charged circumstances
  • Physically performs various manual labor tasks including demolition, minor repairs, lifting carpet or flooring, moving furniture, etc. as required for each specific job
  • Performs various duties as required for different job types such as water, fire, trauma, or other and with many differing variables in specific duties and tasks required of each particular job.
  • Performs physically demanding labor often for long periods of time requiring stamina and energy
  • Completes work with focus on process from start to finish
  • Performs high-quality work with ownership mentality and sense of job pride
  • Is flexible with the employee’s schedule and willing to work overtime, nights, weekends, and holidays as required as well as long shifts and often on short notice
  • Clean debris from job sites and leave site safe, clean, and neat at end of shift

Qualifications, Experience and Skills

  • Qualifications:
  • Current, Valid, Driver’s License is Required
  • Driving record must be clear and insurable through current company insurance provider. Required.
  • IICRC certification (WRT or other) not required for Level I Technicians, but helpful (required for promotion to Level II)
  • Certifications in Restoration industry helpful, not required
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • ➢ Experience:
  • Entry level, no experience (unless hired with Specialty), but any experience in damage restoration, construction, HVAC, plumbing, etc. is helpful
  • Some experience preferred

➢ Skills:

Following are some of the skills needed to effectively perform the requirements of this position:

  • Effective communication skills both verbal and written
  • Attention to detail
  • Troubleshooting ability
  • Ability to recognize and report potential issues or hazards
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Strong work ethic
  • Reliability with schedule
  • Adaptability and flexibility in job duties and schedule
  • Fluent use of technology, smart phone apps, iPad, software programs, etc. in order to perform administrative functions, job documentation and time keeping tracking
  • Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines

Physical Requirements

  • The physical requirements of the job may include, but are not limited to:
  • Heavy lifting; ability to lift 100 lbs.
  • Visual assessment of site for photographs and videos
  • Stamina to work long shifts
  • High-energy
  • Bending, stooping, sitting, crouching, walking, lifting, carrying, standing, stair or ladder ascension and descent, reaching, climbing, pushing, pulling, balancing (such as required on scaffold), and more as required for each job.


This job description may be changed by the company at any time and for any reason in order to suit the needs of the company. These changes may be made with or without notice to the candidate or employee. This job description is not an all-inclusive list of job duties, tasks, or functions and should not be interpreted as such. Additional or differing job duties, tasks, and functions may be assigned as needed and without official addition to this job description or written notice. This job description (offer letter, ad for candidates) is in no way intended to be a contract for employment and is solely provided for the purpose of outlining the general requirements of the position.

Performance Goals

  • In addition to standard levels of performance the expectation for the employee in this position is to:
  • Completion tasks on time
  • Demonstrate an ability to relate with others (co-workers, vendors, clients, others) in positive manner
  • Be able to operate with common sense and reasonableness
  • Demonstrate a process-driven ability to identify inter-relationship of all tasks
  • Maintain a presentable appearance
  • Timely complete all tasks and duties
  • Perform with a high sense of urgency
  • Demonstrate exceptional documentation skills, including thorough written or verbal documentation, precise and detailed notes, and clear photographs or videos
  • Complete high-quality work

Equipment and Machinery

  • The employee holding this position holder will be required to use the following equipment at minimum and may have additional equipment requirements as required to complete each job:
  • Camera for taking photographs
  • Smartphone and iPad for time tracking, documentation, and email
  • Vehicle
  • Dolly and lifting assist devices
  • General equipment and tools and hand tools used for demolition
  • Moisture meter
  • Moisture probe
  • Dehumidifier
  • Air mover
  • Negative air fans
  • Fork Lift and other large equipment or machinery is possible

Work Environment

  • This position may experience weather, temperature fluctuations, health exposures, including, but not limited to the following:
  • Work is primarily outdoors with special safety equipment possibly required when visiting sites, including proper protective equipment (PPE), hearing protection, face masks, eyewear, steel-toed boots, hard hats, etc.
  • Specialty work may be indoors (such as a painter) and exposure for any position may include inhalation of paint or other fumes, chemicals, dust, mold spores and more.
  • May require work indoors or outdoors with or without heat or air-conditioning, so extreme temperatures are possible.
  • Some work environments may be dusty, smoky, sooty, moldy, wet, etc. as expected in a general demolition or remodeling environment.
  • Some environments may have trauma and exposure to blood borne pathogens is possible.
  • Some job sites may be located amid natural disaster areas or otherwise unsafe environments.
  • Some work may be loud.
  • Debris may be present in the air.
  • Exposure to mold or other contaminants may be possible.
  • Temperature is standard when in office environment.

Job Type



$13.00 – $22.00 per hour