Water damage, often subtle at its onset, can rapidly escalate into a significant issue. While it might seem manageable initially, the question looms: when should you call a restoration company after water damage? The prompt answer: at the earliest sign of trouble. Delaying or adopting a do-it-yourself strategy can exacerbate the problem, leading to longer restoration periods and heightened costs.

Risks of DIY Restoration

The inclination to address water damage independently is understandable, given the wealth of DIY information available. However, homemade attempts can lead to unintended complications.

Limited Capacity

A typical wet vac can only handle minor water volumes. After it reaches a capacity of around five to ten gallons, you’ll need to pause the extraction process to empty it.

Recirculation Concerns

Emptying the water back into a drain might appear to be logical. However, if the drain is the root cause of the water damage, you’re essentially aggravating the issue by reintroducing the water.

Advantages of Professional Commercial Equipment

A professional restoration company has access to state-of-the-art, commercial-grade equipment, tailor-made to address water damage with precision.

Superior Water Extraction

Professional machinery, unlike domestic tools, is designed for efficient water removal:

  • No Recirculation: These tools ensure that extracted water is directed outside the property, minimizing the risk of reintroducing moisture to affected zones.
  • Enhanced Capacity: Handling larger volumes of water is seamless, ensuring rapid and efficient water removal.

Undeniable Value of Expert Intervention

Beyond the advanced tools, the true value of contacting a professional lies in their expertise and knowledge.

Swift Problem Identification

Professionals possess the experience to quickly ascertain the source of water damage, be it a blocked drain or another underlying issue. Tackling the root cause, like an overflowing bathtub, is paramount in preventing recurring incidents.

Mitigating Secondary Damages

Water damage isn’t merely about the initially affected zone. If left unattended or improperly handled:

  • Water Spread: Moisture can migrate to untouched areas, amplifying the extent of damage and complicating restoration efforts.
  • Mold Risks: Damp settings are conducive for mold proliferation. Failing to address water damage promptly and correctly can pave the way for mold growth, which poses additional health hazards and complicates the restoration process.


So, when should you call a restoration company after water damage? As this discussion underscores, the answer remains consistent: at the first indication of an issue. DIY measures, although well-intentioned, may fall short or even compound the problem.

Entrusting professionals, equipped with cutting-edge tools and a wealth of experience, not only ensures effective restoration but also peace of mind. It’s worth noting that when it comes to water damage, prompt action is crucial. Therefore, at the first sign of water damage, don’t delay – seek expert intervention. Contact Service Restoration today to learn when you should call a restoration company after water damage.