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Coldest arctic outbreak in the last two decade this week in parts of Midwest

Imagine this:

It’s mid-winter and your house is freezing, you’re sat there wondering what you could have done to prevent this, sound similar? Luckily as winter approaches, there’re things you can do to save the frost from setting in within your house.

Well luckily, we have the answer we’re given you 3 top tips to protect your home against sub-zero temperatures.

Protect Your Pipes

Your pipes have frozen and you’re left wondering what you can have done to prevent this or why this happens. Unfortunately, this is a story so many people go through year and year. But don’t worry we have the answer. When water freezes it causes it to expand, this can cause extreme stress on your pipes leading to cracked or burst pipes.  There are some quick fixes you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen to you and, if this has happened you can easily rectify it. The prevention is to cover your outside pipes in insulation foam, the better the insulation the less likely it is to freeze. If your pipes have frozen simply get a hairdryer to defrost the pipes, you shouldn’t use boiling water as this can crack the pipes

Seal Windows And Doors

draft excluders

We’ve all felt the blistering cold breeze sneaking under the doors or through windows. It’s one of the leading causes of heat escaping your house turning it from a furnace to a freezer. When the solution is so simple and very little cost it’s a surprise not more people are doing it.

With decent weather stripping, you can seal all the pesky holes around your window frame, going this will ensure no heat is lost. On top this why not get some draft excluders for doors, sealing the doors will stop cold drafts sneaking up under the door.

Now, there is one more point I need to make…If you have older style windows, why not get them replaced for a more energy efficient style of window? Now, this one is going to cost more but, you can’t put a price on having a warm house especially when it can save money in the long run

Maintain Your Furnace

Checking your furnace before the weather turns too cold can save you cold nights wrapped up in blankets. With a few simple checks, you can be sure that your furnace isn’t going to pack up halfway through winter. Simply changing the filter can make a massive difference, why? Well a clogged up filter can make your furnace become less efficient, not only will it cost you money but, your house won’t become as warm.


Follow these top tips and stay warm throughout the winter period, not only saving you money but, stopping the chill. Service Restoration is proud to serve the Twin Cities area for all types of property damage disasters. Our local Minneapolis area crews are on call 24/7 to assist with water damage disasters caused by cold weather, broken pipes, ice dams and more.
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