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Fire & Water Damage Cleanup in Belmont, NC

Water is life. However, there are several instances that water can lead to problems. If there is damage to pipes in the home or excessive rains that lead to flooding, water can sip into our homes or businesses and cause a lot of problems. When this happens, it is vital to get water damage restoration services in Belmont, NC. Service Restoration is the team that the people of the city trust for such services. We have been helping the people of the community since 1997 in all forms of water damage and cleanup. We are always ready to serve you.

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A Professional Fire & Water Restoration Company in Belmont, NC

One thing that you should ensure when getting a fire and restoration company to help you is their level of the profession. Professionalism counts both in how well a team does the job and how they treat your home. For such services, you will have to let technicians into your personal space. You have to get a professional team you can trust that will handle your space with respect and do an excellent job. Service Restoration has proven to be professional in all ways. We have an excellent track record in fire and water restoration. Work with us today for the best results.

We Work With All Insurance Companies

To ensure that emergency restoration services are done as fast as possible, we work directly with your insurance company. We will help you file a claim and directly bill your insurance company.

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Water Removal & Damage Repair Bemont, NC

One of the reasons that people should work with water restoration companies in Belmont, NC is the toughness of the work. When there is water damage in your home, water removal and damage repairs can be too tough a task. People with carpets and wooden surfaces usually find it hard to get rid of all the water, which can lead to mold and a lot of smell in the house. Service Restoration is the team that has all the needed equipment and expertise for water removal and damage repair. We work fast and diligently to ensure you can access your home as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

Service Restoration is a family-owned and operated company. We use the values of the family to manage our clients. Just like our family, we work with absolute integrity in all jobs done. Our main goal is to ensure your satisfaction and we will help you with any form of water damage restoration services that you need. We work with complete professionalism and fast so that your space is clean and ready to use fast.

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Belmont, NC

There are several forms of fire damage. One of them is the formation of smoke and soot. When the smoke and soot settle, they don’t simply leave the premises. They usually settle on surfaces and walls. This can lead to a lot of staining in your home. Also, the remnant smell of the smoke can be unbearable especially to children and people with respiratory issues. The soot stains are usually tough to remove and Service Restoration is the team to work with for smoke damage restoration services in Belmont, NC. We have all that is needed to rid your home of smoke damage.

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Professional Crime Scene Cleanup and Biohazard Cleanup Services

Do you have a crime scene near your place or a biohazard that could lead to problems? Service Restoration is the team that you should look for. We understand that crime scenes and biohazards shouldn’t be approached lackadaisically. However, with children and pets, that same knowledge may not apply. We are a team that will respond fast to your call. We will ensure that we deal with the crime scene and biohazard cleanup in good time so that you can continue feeling safe in your background. We are a professional team in dealing with such and we will ensure that there is no trace left behind.

Sewage Cleanup Services in Belmont, NC

Sewage is one of the worst components that can get into your home or place of business. Sewage damage is a serious health hazard and should be taken seriously. Cleaning up sewage on your own is not advisable as you may not have the proper tools and expertise for the job. Service Restoration is the team that you can rely on for the best sewage cleanup services. We know that sewage can be unbearable and needs to be dealt with fast. We will come to your aid immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that you are always catered for.

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