Fire Damage Restoration at the White Bear Yacht Club


Originally founded in 1889 as a sailing club, the Yacht Club is rich in sailing history and to this day, holds regular regattas while maintaining the largest “A” boat fleet in the United States.The original “clubhouse” was actually the Kirby Barnum Hotel which provided overnight accommodations to members that wished to spend their weekends on beautiful White Bear Lake.

More about WBYC

White Bear Yacht Club is built upon a rich history and strong heritage, centered around preserving a family-focused, multi-sport environment.

Located on the beautiful shores of White Bear Lake, WBYC provides an exceptional social, dining and recreational experience that members enjoy each time they come to their club.

Job Information

Client Name White Bear Yacht Club
Loss Types Fire Damage due to dryer
Loss Date 4/20/2022, 12:00:00 AM
Loss Category Commercial Electrical Fire and Smoke Damage Mitigation, Restoration and Rebuild
Inspection Date 5/17/2022 12:36 PM
Date Started 6/6/2022
Total restoration time 9 Days
Completion Date 6/15/2022 12:00 AM

Vendor’s Detail

Vendor Name Service Restoration Inc. - Bloomington, MN
Services performed Mitigation, Restoration and Rebuild (Fire Damage)
Person 1 Dalton Schmidt
Person 2 Chad Grant
Person 3 Jocelyn Reiter
Vendor Address 300 W 83rd St, Bloomington, MN 55420, United States
Vendor Phone +1(800) 478-0366
Website Service Restoration Bloomington
GMB URL Service Restoration Bloomington GMB

Challenges and Emergency

The White Bear Yacht Club needed to be operational as soon as possible. The fire took out most of the equipment, and they needed repairs. Some items also needed complete replacement and readjustment, including the gas pipes and plumbing connections.

Besides this, the ducts and vents also suffered smoke damage and had to be repaired and cleaned.

So, technicians from Service Restoration had to get things in order as the client wanted to be back in business.

The client also needed help with reimbursements for the purchases and insurance claims.


After a detailed inspection of the laundry room and the other areas affected by the fire, Service Restoration suggested repairing equipment and replacing those beyond repair. They also insulated and readjusted broken gas pipes and plumbing connections.

The professional damage mitigation company ordered replacement equipment and the materials they needed for the job according to client specifications and installed them by following standard procedures.

They even helped take care of the paperwork for filing insurance claims for commercial fire damage.


The team from Service Restoration assessed the situation and found that the fire broke out due to a faulty dryer in the laundry room. The laundry room was the most affected, but the fire also spread to other areas causing damage to gas and water pipelines and ducts.

1. Goals

 The professional damage mitigation service provider had to repair and replace the gas and plumbing connections, ductwork, and other items damaged by the fire.

The following were the areas where pipe insulation needed replacement.

  •         The Laundry Room.
  •         Kitchen and Storage areas.
  •         Hallway.
  •         Employee Lounge. 

2. Deadlines

 The fire broke out on 4/20/2022, and the professional damage mitigation company assessed the site on 5/17/2022. Work commenced on 6/6/2022 and was completed by 6/15/2022.

3. Deliverables 

Service Restoration had to repair and replace the following items in the affected areas.

  •         Two wash machines needed new hoses.
  •         Two gas dryers needed replacement.
  •         Existing gas lines and vents had to be reconnected with linen presses.
  •         A new laundry tub was to be connected to the existing plumbing lines.


Service Restoration followed standard processes to mitigate the damage caused by the fire breakout at the White Bear Yacht Club and delivered as per client expectations.

1. Timeline

The professional damage mitigation service provider ensured everything went according to plan and schedule, from responding to the situation to assessing the site, repairing, and restoring it.

2. Equipment and Material

 Service Restoration completed the different tasks per their plan using the following equipment.

Laundry Equipment Replacement

Description Quantity
EH030 Continental 30lb Washer - Intelli computer control, soft mount, high speed spin unit, gravity drain, inverter drive motor 2
8” Prefab metal bases for mounting 2
KT055 Continental 55lb Dryer - Dual digital control, natural gas, reversing cylinder, inverter drive, white color 2
X13082 Continental Express Ironer - Natural gas, roll diameter 13 inch, roll length 84 inch 1

Electrical Equipment Replacement

Equipments Area
8’ LED strip fixtures with shrouds (3) Occupancy Sensor Receptacles (5) 240V twist lock dryer receptacles(2) Laundry Area
8’ LED strip fixtures with shrouds (2) Occupancy Sensor Receptacles (2) Dry food storage room
8’ LED strip fixtures with shrouds (2) Additional storage room
250 Amp breaker panel 8’ Chain hanger LED wraparound fixture(5) Emergency flood light(3) Ceiling conduit Ceiling speaker Heater Public Hall
4’ LED wraparound fixtures(5) Emergency spotlights Stair Area
2x4 Lay in fixtures(15) Exit sign with emergency spotlight(2) Emergency spotlight(2) Kitchen Area


About Dellwood

Dellwood is a suburban area in St. Paul, Washington County, Minnesota. It is among the best places in Minnesota and offers a rural feel with many parks and residential areas. The city is home to the premier White Bear Yacht Club, which offers golf, sports, and other recreational events and activities.


Service Restoration assessed the damage and suggested action plans to remediate the situation. They even helped their client with insurance claims and ensured that everything went as per schedule.

They got the work done on time, and the White Bear Yacht Club was happy with the results. More importantly, the club credited the technicians from Service Restoration for their work, expertise, reputation, and how they handled the situation.

Testimonials from the client are proof of the professional damage mitigation company’s reputation. Service Restoration understands the losses and downtime costs businesses suffer due to disasters such as fire breakouts and, more importantly, the damage it can do to their brands and properties.

They also know the legal responsibilities businesses must undertake, that safeguarding employees, customers, and property comes before an, and how

Fire Damage Repair – Commonly Asked Questions

Service Restoration follows standard protocol for handling fire breakouts that may involve the following steps.

  •         Technicians arrive at the spot and assess the damage.
  •         They then design a plan to mitigate and remediate the damage and restore the building and its items.
  •         The cleanup and restoration processes begin by moving damaged items to a safe place before disinfecting, cleaning, rebuilding them, and restoring the building to a pre-loss condition.

Service Restoration Inc offers the following services as part of its fire damage restoration package.

  •         Fire damage cleanup and repair.
  •         Structural damage cleanup.
  •         Smoke removal.
  •         Emergency fire damage services.
  •         Commercial fire damage.

Service Restoration works with renowned insurance providers covering fire damage under comprehensive plans. They work closely with adjusters and settle claims by billing the insurance companies directly after completing the restoration process.

About Service Restoration Inc

Service Restoration Inc is the best choice for fire damage mitigation in Dellwood and surrounding areas. The reputed disaster management service provider is not only experienced in handling crises caused by fires but also employs certified and licensed fire contractors throughout Minnesota.

The teams are IICRC-certified and come with the training to handle different types of fire breakouts and the equipment, diagnostics, and protocols required to restore affected properties to their original conditions.

They offer different fire damage restoration services, including cleanups and repairs, structural damage, smoke damage, soot removal, contents restoration, and a host of emergency fire damage services.

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