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Why Biohazard Cleanup Should Be Done by the Professionals

Even after a crime has occurred, danger can still lurk. For instance, blood and bodily fluids can be unsafe to come in contact with, spreading viruses and disease. In addition, experimenting with foreign bodily fluids in an attempt to clean them up could be dangerous for your health and lead to other illnesses. Even if you experience something that is not crime-related, such as the death of a loved one, you can still face these same issues upon a cleanup attempt.

Because of this, you should refer biohazard cleanup responsibilities to professionals, both ensuring your safety and allowing the area to be thoroughly cleaned. Essentially, biohazard cleanup is the removal of biological waste, such as human blood, fluids, and excrements, in a way that avoids the spread of bacteria or damage to physical items. Service Restoration can help you if your property has been exposed to excessive amounts of bodily fluids and waste. For more information, check out the company’s website here: Their team takes extra precautions to offer a wide range of biohazard cleanup services. If you are dealing with waste from a broken sewage system as opposed to a crime, they can also do sewage cleanup.


The Biohazard Cleanup Company Puts Its Customers First

Through its many years of experience with biohazard cleanup, Service Restoration understands the urgency of your situation. In response, the company aims to provide you with prompt, quality service. 

To provide fast service for any urgent needs, Service Restoration offers emergency service 24/7, so you can contact them in the case of a biohazard at any time. Upon your call and confirmation that you live in one of the covered areas, the biohazard cleanup company responds immediately, bringing their specialists to your home in 60 minutes or less. If you feel less rushed and would like to come up with a quality biohazard cleanup strategy, Service Restoration offers in-home assessments and a variety of flexible appointment times. Finally, the company provides you with high-quality work, organizes a group of highly qualified professionals and has easily accessible customer service for any questions or concerns.

Crime Scene, Hazmat, Sewage, and Other Cleanups

Service Restoration’s qualified staff has the extensive training and certifications needed to properly perform biohazard cleanup, particularly for crime scenes, hazmat scenes, and sewage. For instance, several team members have the EPA certification for biohazard cleanups, which allows them to safely work with biohazards such as broken down asbestos fibres for hazmat cleanups. Also, the team is properly trained in how to clean and dispose of human waste to avoid the spread of dangerous bacteria. The company’s professionals know how to work with bacteria/parasites such as salmonella, hepatitis B, tapeworms, and human papillomavirus. Because of this, you can rest assured that you will not come in contact with dangerous substances.

Some other biohazard cleanups that Service Restoration does include hoarder cleanups, forensic cleaning, and designated blood cleanup.

Service Restoration’s Thorough Biohazard Cleanup Process

With a strong focus on safety and cleanliness, Service Restoration thoroughly treats biohazards and hazmats. Using these stringently laid guidelines, the company will come up with a strategy as to how they will perform the cleanup properly. Once they have developed the strategy, the Service Restoration team will dive into cleanup, using specialized chemicals and techniques to remove any mess and avoid the spread of dangerous bacteria or viruses. 

During the cleanup process, the team will look at any items that came into contact with biohazards and let you know of any items that should be removed or taken down. Some of the most extensive items they may need to remove include doors and walls. 

Once they have completed cleanup and disinfection, Service Restoration will safely dispose of the biohazard. Then, they will restore any items that needed to be removed in the process due to contamination. That way, your life will return as close to the way it was as possible.

What Service Restoration Will Consider for a Biohazard Cleanup

Because biohazard issues can vary widely in nature, Service Restoration looks at the client’s specific situation and creates a customized plan based on their needs.

For instance, the company will consider how large the biohazard scene is, such as whether the incident occurred in one room or the entire building. That way, the team can have a time/cost estimate and know how to best approach the physical cleanup. Also, the team will need to consider how extensive the damage is; namely, how long the fluids have sat there and how much fluid there is. After seeing the extent of the damage, Service Restoration can then calculate what will need to be reconstructed after clearing out the biohazard area. Again, they will also have a better idea of what the time and cost will be.

Locations for Biohazard/Hazmat Cleaning Services

Service Restoration’s biohazard cleanup team is distributed throughout the United States, particularly the east and midwest areas. If you would like to see a detailed list of our locations, take a look at our location hub page. Below is a brief overview of the main cities we cover: 

  • Minneapolis
  • Bloomington
  • Rochester
  • Charlotte
  • Indian Trail
  • Gastonia
  • Atlanta
  • Little Rock

Receiving Biohazard Remediation

Are you in need of a biohazard or hazmat cleanup? If so, Service Restoration has easily accessible emergency cleanup services or appointments, and you can easily contact the company’s customer service if you have any questions. 

Also, the company accepts payment from many insurance providers, including Farmer’s Insurance, Travelers, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Allstate, and USAA. Generally, the company can accept virtually all insurance handlers, except for possibly very small or recently developed providers. That way, you can rest assured that you will receive quality–and affordable–biohazard or hazmat cleanup. 

If you would like to contact the company with any questions, give Service Restoration a call at 800-478-0366, or request an estimate for biohazard cleanup. For more information on the biohazard cleaning company, feel free to check out Service Restoration’s page at the link: Twitter

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