Water Damage Restoration Company Explains Specialized Services

Service Restoration is a Specialized Mitigation Company

A good water damage restoration company is a specialized service that mitigates water damage that may otherwise become a much worse problem than it needs to be. Service Restoration offers 24/7 emergency water damage restoration for homeowners and business owners. They are locally owned and provide full water damage restoration services. When you have a home or business, sometimes things happen that cause a lot of water damage despite your best efforts to prevent it. Service Restoration is here 24/7 to take care of any sort of situation you may need to cope with. This includes cleanup services immediately following the accidents for your insurance claim, and after you file your claim with the company. They are committed to properly restoring your property back to its original condition, no matter how big or small the scope might be!

Service Restoration is a nationwide provider of water and fire damage restoration services to residential and commercial properties. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry, they use technology and leadership for proactive training and personnel development. Service Restoration has been helping home and business owners nationwide recover from water damage for over 20 years. With offices across the nation, you know you will receive immediate care no matter where your property is located. Ask about their many clean-up services and emergency response plans for both large residential buildings and commercial buildings. 

Water Damage Cleanup and Repair Professionals 

Service Restoration is your water damage cleanup and repair specialist. They are licensed and certified technicians who have years of experience repairing water damage and mold removal. Their water damage specialists know that the first order of business when there is standing water is to avoid being electrocuted and know that there could be live electrical circuits in the water. With all our experience, we know it’s important to get all the water out so they have industrial pumps and vacuums to get the bulk of the water out. After all visible water has been removed then it is time to work on the invisible water. Service Restoration has the proper dehumidifying equipment to extract water from almost any material and the air as well as mold disinfection.

“Our emergency department is 24/7. It is dry, the ground is hard, a lot of water in a short period of time, the water goes where it doesn’t typically go,” explained Ray Sandey with Service Restoration

Service Restoration is happy to work with all local and national insurance companies, including AAA, Allstate, State Farm, Chubb, Nationwide, Farmers, USAA, and more, to ensure the recovery process is as painless as possible.

Family Owned Water Restoration Contractor

When your home or office has been damaged by water, you need a water damage contractor from Service Restoration. Water damage is sneaky and if it is not properly mitigated it can come back to haunt you later on. Their family-owned, licensed, certified water damage specialists will perform all the necessary steps to properly remove the water so that you can put the disaster behind you. If the water has filled your living or working area from burst pipes, Service Restoration technicians will be able to find the source of the leak and promptly repair it to keep things from getting worse. After all the steps have been taken to remove the water, their experienced water damage contractors will work on removing the water that has soaked into the walls, the wood, and the flooring. Drywall will soak up water much higher than the flood line on the wall, so the drywall will need to be removed past a certain height. Service Restorations water damage contractors will be able to remove studs from the walls that have soaked up water and rebuild the walls so that there will be no later damage from mold. They will also be able to pull up flooring that is damaged, and lay new flooring.

Flood Repair and Water Cleanup

Remediating damages from water getting into your home or your place of work is a job best left to professionals. Water damage remediation means reversing the damage. Service Restoration is an expert at reversing the damages to structures caused by water. They will dispose of all items that can’t be reclaimed and will make sure that anything that was wet is now completely dry. Using blowers and absorbent materials they will get rid of all visible water, then they will run dehumidifiers for at least 72 hours to make sure everything is dried out. They will rebuild anything that was damaged, removing lingering odors and your home or office will look like new.

Water Extraction and Remediation

There are several ways that homes and offices can become inundated with water. But whatever disaster happens to your structure, the important part is removing the water properly so that there are no lingering problems down the road. Service Restoration is a professional water cleanup service. They have been doing this for years. Their licensed technicians know how important it is to do a perfect job when they are cleaning up water damages. Plumbing Disasters Plumbing leaks can leave ceilings, walls, floors, and all the contents of the home or office saturated. Particularly if the leak comes from a sprinkler system, Service Restoration technicians know that water cleanup will involve removing just about everything from inside the building because mold can form later. But if the plumbing leak comes from a sewer backup, professional help is extremely important. Raw sewage is nothing to mess with. Their team will safely clean up everything without leaving behind any germs or bacteria. Flood Water Cleanup The water that rises into your home from an outside flood is nearly as toxic as raw sewage. And, in fact, floodwater may contain raw sewage. Again, it’s important to have professionals specifically trained in water cleanup to keep yourself and others out of harm’s way.

Emergency Water Restoration Company Planning

When disaster strikes, you want a water restoration company plan in place to ensure the safety of your employees and structure. Service Restoration offers a wide range of emergency management planning services to give you peace of mind as you navigate your way through a disaster. Not only are their IIRC certified technicians leading restoration professionals, but they have the knowledge and resources to help you plan in the event of an unexpected disaster.

Their team is committed to helping each client stay afloat during even the darkest days so as to not have their business sink. Service Restoration knows all too well what happens when a company faces a major crisis – more often than not they fall into that 40% case where they shut down the store for good – and they want the number of those percentages to significantly decrease since we know exactly how hard it can be to recover from a disaster!

An Expanding Restoration Service Reaching Multiple States

Complete Water damage restoration services

Service Restoration is a company located in Bloomington Minnesota where they formed their national headquarters. Service Restoration Inc Currently serves customers in 8 states with multiple locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina with plans to expand into more states soon.

Their service areas cover largely the entirety of the states they are located with some main facilities in these states they run operations from. See a map of all our locations on our location hub page. Some of the main locations they have facilities are in these cities. 

      • Minneapolis, MN
      • Bloomington, MN
      • Rochester, MN
      • Charlotte, NC
      • Indian Trail, NC
      • Gastonia, NC
      • Atlanta, GA
      • Little Rock, AR

Great Reasons to Choose Service Restoration

Because we have been specially trained in the restoration sector, their team has a comprehensive insight into what you need most in any given instance, right down to specific building requirements. They are always training their employees on the latest water damage restoration methods and hire the best technicians available. They pride themselves on being able to provide you with a full plan of action when it comes to your business when you’re in need of support from people who know what they’re doing and work fast and efficiently to get things back to normal for your employees and customers.

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