Restoration of Busted Sprinkler System in Philips Community College, AR

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Phillips Community College, AR

Phillips Community College

About College

The college was founded in 1965 with initial classes held in the Naval Reserve Building in Helena, moving in 1968 to the current campus. Its initial name of Phillips County Community College reflected the college’s initial funding from the people of Phillips County. In 1996, Arkansas County joined the PCCC taxation district and the college name was changed to Phillips Community College.[4] In 1996 the college acquired the Rice Belt Technical Institute in DeWitt from the state. Further, the college became part of the University of Arkansas System. The college is affiliated with the PCCUA Foundation, founded in 1975, to provide private support to the college.[5]

About Little Rock

Little Rock is also the state’s largest municipality, with nearly 200,000 people . The City of Little Rock employs approximately 2,500 employees in 14 departments. The city of North Little Rock is just across the river from Little Rock, but it is a separate city. North Little Rock was once the 8th ward of Little Rock. An Arkansas Supreme Court decision on February 6, 1904, allowed the ward to merge with the neighboring town of North Little Rock. The merged town quickly renamed itself Argenta (the local name for the former 8th Ward), but returned to its original name in October 1917.

Fire sprinkler

Fire sprinklers can be automatic or open orifice. Automatic fire sprinklers use a fusible element that activates at a predetermined temperature. The fusible element either melts or has a frangible liquid-containing glass bulb that breaks, causing the water pressure in the fire sprinkler piping to push a plug out of the sprinkler orifice, resulting in water spraying from the orifice. The water stream strikes a deflector that forms the water into a spray pattern designed in support of the goals of the sprinkler type (i.e., control or suppression). Modern sprinkler heads are designed to direct spray downwards. Spray nozzles are available to provide spray in various directions and patterns. The majority of automatic fire sprinklers operate individually in a fire. Contrary to motion picture representation, the entire sprinkler system does not activate at the same time, unless the system is a special deluge type.

A fire sprinkler mounted on a ceiling

Service Restoration Inc - Little Rock, AR

Vendor Name

Vendor Address

Service Restoration Inc. – Little Rock, AR

Service Restoration

6701W 12th St# 13

Little Rock, AR 72204

(501) 381-5440

Description of loss - Sprinkler system busted

Operational Date

Loss Date 2021/02/17 00:00:00 

Job Started —

Vendor Received 2021/02/17 19:29:00 

Dry-out Confirmed 2021/03/22 11:50:00

Insured Contacted 2021/02/17 19:30:00 

Total drying time 0 Days. 0 Hr. 0 Min.

Inspection Date 2021/02/18 09:14:00 

Completion Date 2021/03/11 15:50:00

Drying Environment

Building Construction High-end/Complex
Build-out Density Very Open
Will HVAC support the drying
Prevailing Weather Conditions Neutral
Tightness of Building Envelope Moderate
06:41 AM
Spoke with mr. Fletcher about attempting to save all decorative trim and stage on-site for repairs. He stated that he understood and is okay with that. 2/19/21
12:05 PM
Coby smith will be here Monday at 11AM to walk through this loss
10:50 AM
Date Majority Work Completed has been entered for Job
09:41 AM
Date Inventoried, Into Production Date, Target Completion Date has been entered for Job
Busted Sprinkler System Restoration

Damage Details(Conference Room)

CEILING 628.570 157.140 25.00
FLOOR 628.570 628.570 100.00
WALL above 2 Ft 719.000 539.250 75.00
Total 1976.140 1324.960 200.0.
Linear feet 359.50000762939 0 0


West Hallway details

Category 2
Perimeter (Floor) 370'0''
Floor (SF) 3348'3''
Perimeter (Ceiling) 370'0''
Cubic Feet 127233'6''
Min Airmover Recommendation 49
Class 2
Affected Perimeter 0'0''
Affected Floor (SF) 3348'3''
Ceiling (SF) 3348'3''
Airmover (s) Used 53
Max Airmover Recommendation 68

West Hallway line items

Category Item Activity Code Quantity Item Desc Item Note
WTR MISC R 450 0.00 Water Miscellaneous 450SF of wall paper
WTR DRYWLF - 280 280.00 Tear out wet drywall, cleanup, bag, per
LF - up to 2' tall
280 LF
WTR INS - 380 0.00 Tear out and bag wet insulation removed 380SF of
WTR FCCGD - F 3348.25 Tear out wet non-salvageable glue down
carpet, cut/bag
Used ride on floor
WTR TRI - PF 370.00 Tear out trim Removed all of the


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