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Richfield Water Damage restoration

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Richfield - the bustling Minneapolis suburb

Founded in the 1850s, Richfield has experienced exponential growth.  After the end of World War II, Richfield became one of the preferred city’s to settle down into. The quick access to Minneapolis and St. Paul offered a great option for those who wanted to be near the cities, but not live downtown. As a true member of the “State of Hockey”, Richfield has two full indoor ice skating rinks, and many more outdoor rinks during the winter months. Richfield now has more than 36,000 residents and offers many amenities.

Richfield Water Damage Cleanup

Service Restoration staffs crews that are available 24/7/365 for water damage and fire damage. Quick action and professional help are the best way to minimize secondary damage from occurring at your property.

As a property manager or property owner, what should you consider?

  • Where is the water coming from? Not all losses are covered by insurance and some forms of water can be hazardous
  • Speaking of hazardous water sources, do you sewage backup insurance? Usually, sewage backup is an additional expense and is not always mentioned
  • Do you have drain tile or a working sump pump? Make sure to test that it is working before it’s too late!
  • Do you know who to call for Richfield Water Damage Restoration?
  • Can you waterproof your property? Usually, this is an after thought because water damage is out of sight and out of mind.. until it happens to you.
  • Is your landscaping graded away from your property? If it’s not, water may pool up near your foundations.

What should you do?

The first thing we recommend is to hire an experienced professional because it takes experience and the right equipment to avoid additional damage. Richfield Water damage restoration is usually a more extensive process than what meets the eye. Customers can take a DIY approach to flooded basements, but we will be here to help 24/7/365 if it becomes too much.

We will perform an initial inspection to take a strategic approach to your project. Once the plan is established, our mitigation crews will begin work right away.  As part of the process, we will begin moving your contents to a safe location or to our content restoration facility, if needed. Once the obstacles have been removed, water extraction can begin and unsalvageable flooring will be removed because it can trap water beneath. Then, our team will address the extent of water damage on the walls. The amount of damage will be different at each property and each loss.  Again, we will remove any unsalvageable materials that will hamper the drying process.

Once the walls are addressed, Service Restoration will set commercial grade drying equipment. Spare bedroom fans or basement dehumidifiers will not have the required air movement or moisture removal to avoid damage from spreading or worsening.  Read more below:

Drying Equipment – Commercial vs. Residential

Home dehumidifiers usually remove between 20-30 pints of moisture per day versus commercial dehumidifiers that remove 120+. Another example, a standard oscillating fan moves about 1,850 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. Commercial grade air movers move more than 2,800 CFM. Usually, multiple air movers are needed per affected room. The amount of dehumidifiers per room or per job again depends on the size of the loss, extent of the damage, layout of the property, and the drying conditions. The drying process is based on size of loss, amount of damaged area, and layout of affected rooms. Using too few of either will result in more damage, longer drying times, and potentially mold.

Next, Service Restoration will monitor the drying process with moisture meters to ensure equipment is operating as designed. Some rooms may have equipment run for a longer time period due to multiple variables – extent of damage, amount of obstacles, size of rooms, etc. Richfield water damage is not necessarily a straight forward process. Be sure to hire the right company to avoid untrained personnel from working on your property. Finding a company with knowledge, experience, and a great reputation is important to making sure your property is taken care of the right way. Once the materials in your property has achieved EMC (equilibrium moisture content), the equipment in those areas is removed. During the drying process, we work directly with your insurance provider to keep them in the loop and eliminate billing headaches. Using a third party billing software, prices are fair and have been agreed to by multiple parties.

Locally Owned and Operated

As a Locally Owned and Operated restoration company providing Richfield water damage service, residents and property owners are offered the peace of mind knowing that Service Restoration is nearby and uses the most advanced technology and equipment, while keeping the locally operated feel. Usually, national franchises are able to invest more in their systems and processes compared to locally owned businesses due to capital resources. However, our focus has been on our people, systems, and technology to ensure our customers are offered quality service, quick response, and a local friendliness. Our staff is available 24/7/365 for all commercial and residential losses. Learn more about our following services:

Proud to be IICRC certified

Service Restoration is proud to be IICRC certified. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration helps educate firms to dry out properties and to do it correctly the first time. Any firm you hire for the services listed above should be IICRC certified, as it’s an industry standard.

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